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Creating a Pre K – 12 Diocesan School on Cape Cod

The Diocese of Fall River is committed to advancing the mission of Catholic school education on Cape Cod. To strengthen the mission, we are reshaping the schools alignment and further investing in Catholic school education.

As a result, we will see a vital, robust Catholic school program emerge that will benefit families for many years to come.

Leadership Change

Prior to discussing the new Catholic school vision, I want to first advise you of a recent leadership change.

Mrs. Joyce Allison-Saucier has resigned as Principal of St. Margaret Regional School.

I would like to thank Mrs. Allison-Saucier for her 24 years of service to the St. Margaret Regional School community as a teacher and principal. We are deeply grateful to her for her commitment to the students and families of St. Margaret Regional School during these many years.

Dr. George Milot, Former Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Fall River, has been appointed Interim Principal of St. Margaret Regional School. Dr. Milot has over 36 years of service in Catholic school education as a teacher, principal, and Superintendent. I look forward to working with Dr. Milot during this vital transition period for the school community.

School Reorganization Plan

As of July 1, 2018, St. Margaret Regional School will become part of St. John Paul II High School.

Enrolled at St. Margaret Regional School will be Pre-K through 4th grade students.

Enrolled at St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School will be grades 5 through 8.

Enrolled at St. John Paul II High School will be grades 9 through 12.

Providing leadership to all 3 school-campuses will be Mr. Chris Keavy, Head of School of St. John Paul II High School. Each campus will have its own principal.

Path Forward

Recognizing that this new plan has implications for St. Margaret Regional School students and families, we have taken steps to mitigate tuition, transportation, and educational concerns. Also, we are committed to ensuring that St. Margaret Regional School provides the best Pre-K through 4th grade educational program.

I ask for your prayers for the St. Margaret Regional School Community and for all those impacted during this time of transition.

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