According to Partnership Schools' recent report - CS Alliance

According to Partnership Schools’ recent report

After schools were shut down in the spring of 2020, it was not a question of IF Catholic schools could open in the fall but HOW, and school leaders got to work immediately to figure out HOW.  “The hard work and innovation during the summer of 2020 paid off, and by the start of the [2020-21 school] year, 92 percent of Catholic schools opened for full-time in-person instruction or ‘hybrid’ learning. That compares with just 43 percent of traditional public schools and 34 percent of charter schools. Indeed Catholic schools have led the nation in showing how in-person learning can safely happen during a pandemic, and by doing so, we have ensured that millions of students have escaped the most negative academic effects of the shutdown. Moreover, for children of essential workers, Catholic schools have given parents the comfort of knowing that their children are being cared for and well served while they do the work that our nation needs right now.”

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