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COVID Guidance

Fall 2021-22 Covid Updates

Mask Policy – updated as of October 29, 2021

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has recently announced the extension of the mask mandate for all students aged 5 years and above as well as for all teachers, staff, and visitors (regardless of vaccination status) until January 15, 2022.

Our Catholic schools have been open since the beginning of September, and we have been fortunate to experience very few cases of Covid across the Diocese.

Therefore, the Diocese of Fall River Catholic schools will continue to follow DESE’s mask mandate to support the health and safety of all of our students, staff, and families. In alignment with the state, we will also revisit this policy in January 2022.

By federal public health order, all students will still need to wear a mask when on school buses or in school health offices.

Remote Learning Policy

We have prioritized the importance of in-person learning and will sustain it to the greatest extent possible this year. Of particular concern is the toll that remote learning took on teachers who had to navigate two different settings last year. In addition, we know that learning on Zoom is not an effective learning mode for children, especially for elementary students, who thrive in the context of a personal environment.

In limited instances, schools may offer remote learning to students. If a student tests positive for Covid-19 or is a close contact in school or at home, parents can partner with schools to ensure access to a continuity of learning. In the case of a positive test, parents should provide a copy of the positive PCR test and consult with the school nurse. In the case of a close contact, parents should consult with the school nurse to verify the length of quarantine.

Our expectation is that remote learners are present for the entirety of their core academic classes, unless there is a significant reason communicated by a parent. We encourage all families to discuss their student’s needs directly with your school’s principal.

Updated on October 29, 2021