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“As a parent of a child with a learning difference, I spent many years fighting to make sure my daughter received her educational accommodations. We moved our daughter to Bishop Stang High School specifically for her to be part of the S.E.A.L. Foundation’s Pathways Approach Program. The advocates funded by S.E.A.L. are amazing and work with my daughter and her teachers to make certain that she has all the necessary tools to succeed. My daughter has not only benefited academically, but has also blossomed into a very confident young woman.”

~ Sandy, parent of a Bishop Stang student


“After attending public schools for 8 years, my son decided he needed a change. He fell in love with a Catholic school in our area and, although he had learning differences, the school told us they could accommodate his needs. For 2 years he struggled as the gap between him and his peers became more evident. In his junior year the S.E.A.L. Foundation came into his school. I literally watched this often sad and frustrated student come alive before my eyes. The special education teacher was able to help him and the other teachers in the school understand how he learns and what accommodations he needs to be successful. Junior year he was on honor roll for the first time and his potential was being tapped into. Junior year I saw my son begin to spread his wings and soar higher than he ever thought would be possible. His confidence and love of school grew. Without the S.E.A.L. Foundation his story would have had a different ending. Our family is so grateful to the Foundation  for all the work they are doing in Catholic schools.”

~ Judy, grateful parent of a student with an IEP