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Community Feature: Robert “Bob” Goldblatt

Meet the January Community Member Mr. Robert “Bob” Goldblatt!


Please tell us about yourself.

I have worked for the Diocese of Fall River for over 23 years. In the past I worked as the Basic Needs Coordinator for Catholic Social Services of New Bedford; Sexton for the Church of the Holy Name of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; and Custodian for Holy Family-Holy Name School. I have also volunteered at St. Lawrence Church. For a total of 14 years, I worked for a diocesan organization 7 days a week and loved every minute of it. Currently, I am the Head Custodian at Bishop Stang High School.

Describe your school.

I truly enjoy working at Bishop Stang and feel blessed to be part of the “Spartan” Family. Bishop Stang is a special place. It is a wonderful place to work and has wonderful people to work with.

What drew you to working at a Catholic school?

I have four children who attended Catholic elementary schools, and my son, Benjamin, graduated from Bishop Stang in 1999. I wanted my children to have a good education in a Catholic environment and was fortunate to work at two Catholic Schools and have family to help with the cost of tuition.

What is your favorite part about teaching? What are your greatest rewards?

The favorite part of my job is definitely the students. These kids have a sparkle in their eye that anything is possible, and anything is possible! I have a lot to be grateful for and enjoy helping others in return.

In your experience, what do Catholic schools do best? What does your school do best?

Catholic Schools provide an excellent education in a safe, faith-filled environment. In addition to the education and environment, Bishop Stang is a family and has a culture of helping others. When there is a need, we respond. Bishop Stang teaches that we can make a difference and anything is possible.

From the Principal:

Bob Goldblatt is Bishop Stang’s Head Custodian and simply the hardest working, most humble person I have ever known. Bob has worked throughout our diocese at Holy Family-Holy Name School and Catholic Social Services and is a faithful parishoner at St. Lawrence Martyr in New Bedford and has worked for many years as the Sexton at Holy Name of the Sacred Heart in New Bedford. Bob is a beloved inspiration to many and an example or all that is right and good about Catholic schools.

– Principal Peter Shaughnessy

From the Bishop Stang Community

“Bob Goldblatt is the hardest working employee around. Along with maintaining the facilities, he serves on the school’s Emergency Response Team and directs traffic in the parking lot, keeping staff and students safe.  Bob is dedicated to the school’s mission, always willing to help, and has a strong faith life.”
-Michael O’Brien, Assistant Principal of Students

“Bob Goldblatt always has something positive to say. I have worked with Mr. Goldblatt over the past 14 years on summer facilities projects, and he has been fantastic leader.  He works alongside his crew.  He is a hands-on guy and does whatever it takes to help the school in any way.
– Rob Ostrye, Faculty

“Mr. Goldblatt is just a wonderful person who portrays never-ending energy. He is a rock for our school and I do not know how our school would survive without him!”
– Melissa Murphy-Leite, Faculty

“Bob Goldblatt is friendly and kind; he is the ideal person you want representing your school or organization. He is always looking to help, and he gets through every job with a smile… He just makes it happen. I have worked with Bob over the past several years at school Bingo, watching him set up, play Bingo, and then break it all down. Bob is a great ambassador for Bishop Stang.”
– Ray Carpenter, Current Parent/Parent of Alumni

“Mr. Goldblatt is always around. The students are greeted with a smile every morning and wishes for a “good day” as he directs traffic during the morning drop-off.  Students like when they get the chance to work with him, setting up and taking down from events and assemblies.  He is helpful and always willing to lend a hand to all of us.”
Noah Gagnon ’18, Senior

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