Striving to put a Catholic education within every family's reach

Financial Accessibility

Striving to put a Catholic education within every family's reach

Financial Aid is Available

We recognize that choosing a Catholic Education means making financial sacrifices for many families. Through the generosity of donors, we work with parishes, schools, and the Foundation to Advance Catholic Education (FACE) to make affording a Catholic Education feasible for any family who desires one.

Every year, our schools, FACE, and parishes give out more than $4 million in financial aid. Please don’t let tuition be the reason your student does not receive a Catholic Education!

There are three main sources of financial aid:


Students in Kindergarten through grade 8 are eligible for financial aid through FACE. Once your student is registered at one of our Catholic schools, complete the online FACTS application to apply for financial aid through FACE.  Scholarships are awarded annually based upon financial need, usually in the amounts of $250-$2000 per year.  Please be sure to discuss any financial concerns with the principal of your school.

2. School Based

Students in high school (9-12) are eligible for financial aid directly from the school. Contact your school to find out about their financial aid process.

Some of our elementary schools are able to offer school based financial aid as well. Please speak with your school’s principal or business manager to learn about school based financial aid.

3. Parish Sponsored

Many Pastors throughout the Diocese of Fall River offer financial aid to active parishioners in their parishes. Please contact your Pastor to find out what financial assistance they are able to offer.

Tuition Assistance Vouchers for Low-Income Familes

The state of Massachusetts offers tuition assistance vouchers for early childhood education (which includes Infant care, Pre-K 3 and 4-year old programs and Kindergarten) and before and after school care for students up to the age of 13 for low-income families. Some of our elementary schools are approved providers.

Please contact P.A.C.E Child Care Works for more information about becoming eligible for vouchers.

For answers to your questions about financial aid please see the frequently asked questions below.

  • Who is eligible to receive assistance and do I need to be Catholic?

    Students are eligible if they

    • Attend a Catholic school within the Diocese of Fall River (home school education and online schools are not eligible).
    • Are enrolled in grades K-8 (Pre-K students and High School students are not eligible for FACE Scholarship awards. Diocesan High Schools provide their own financial aid. ).
    • Demonstrated financial need according to the guidelines calculated in the FACTS application .
    • Complete a new financial aid application through FACTS online each year.
    • We are Catholic in that we teach and live the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Just as importantly we are catholic meaning universal. We welcome students and families from all faith backgrounds who desire an excellent education and to participate fully in the life of our schools.
  • How do I apply for financial aid?

    You can apply for a FACE scholarship by clicking here.

    Please note your student should be registered at the school before you apply for financial aid.

  • How are applications evaluated?

    The criteria for FACE Awards is primarily based on verified information of family resources and tuition costs.

  • When will I find out if my student has received Financial aid?

    Awards for currently enrolled students will be announced early in the spring.  New students will be informed on a rolling basis based upon completion of all required documentation and verification of enrollment.

  • When do I receive the money?

    The awards are extended to the school directly from FACE and applied to each student’s account once FACE has verified enrollment.


    We recommend you speak with the principal of the school who can advise of other parish or school-based tuition assistance programs.

  • Do I have to apply for an award every year?

    Yes, your financial situation is re-evaluated every year.

  • Is the scholarship award transferable?

    If you transfer to another school within the Diocese of Fall River, your award will be reevaluated based upon different tuition levels but in general, the award would be transferable.

  • Who can I contact with Questions?

    The Principal or Business Manager of your school is the best place to begin if you have questions.

    You can also contact the FACE office at:

    508-675-1311 • Ext. 6551
    450 Highland Avenue
    Fall River, MA 02722