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Benefits of Personalized Learning

"Catholic education is above all a question of communicating Christ, of helping to form Christ in the lives of others.” ~ St. John Paul II

Personalized learning is described as learning experiences in which the pace of learning is adjusted to meet the needs of individual students, focusing on the “when” and “how” of learning. Thus, in individualized learning, all students go through the same experience, but they move on at their own pace and in the manner that they learn best.

Specific benefits of personalized learning include:

Higher student engagement

  • Rather than passively receiving and reiterating information, students take an active role in their education and contribute to their own learning.
  • Technology also gives students the opportunity to independently seek out resources beyond those that are offered at school.

Better time allocation for teachers

  • Education technology can take over the task of primary instruction, which allows teachers to act as guides and facilitators of learning rather than lecturers.
  • The blending of technology and education not only allows teachers to create a more collaborative environment, but it also increases student engagement.

Other proven benefits:

  • 83% of school leaders see an increase in student engagement
  • 90% of teachers feel more effective
  • 95% of district leaders see their teachers innovate more
  • 18-point improvement in math efficiency
  • 17-point improvement in English language arts proficiency

*SOURCE: Education Elements Annual Statistical Report on Personalized Learning 2018, Kendra deYoung.