The Catholic faith undergirds everything that we do.

Centered in Christ

The Catholic faith undergirds everything that we do in our schools and community.

Our schools provide a faith-based education in which students build and deepen their relationship with Christ and learn about Catholic principles, values and traditions.

Our goal is not only to impart knowledge of our faith, but more importantly, our schools provide students an opportunity to experience the living faith. Prayer is an important component of school life. Students start each day with prayer and when students or the school community faces difficulties, they gather together to pray. Our staff, including the Catholic Schools Office, pray for our students and families daily and often receive requests for specific prayer intentions because families know they are supported by our prayers.

The blessing of a Catholic classroom is that students can have open, honest conversations about their faith. They can talk about how their faith enlightens how they view history, science, and literature. When they question their faith, as teenagers often do, staff members are there to help them find the answers they seek and to walk with them on their journey.

Many of our schools are blessed to have Pastors who are present to the students every day. They celebrate Mass, provide opportunities for students to go to confession, and most importantly serve as a visual representation of Christ’s love for each student.

We are Catholic in that we teach and live the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Just as importantly we are “catholic” which means “universal”. We welcome students and families from all faith backgrounds who desire an excellent education and to participate fully in the life of our schools.

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Our students encounter Christ through:

Praying together as a class and as a school

United in Prayer

Celebrating Mass and preparing for the sacraments together.

The life of the Church

Going on retreats

Fostering community

Fellowship with classmates and teachers

Sharing life