Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them. For it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” ~Matthew 19:14

Our Philosophy

At Diocese Fall River Catholic Schools, we endeavor to provide all students equitable experiences that engage each student in high-quality learning and teaching through rigorous, standards-aligned core instruction.

If we strengthen teaching and learning by promoting equity and building educators’ instructional skills to help promote student success, all students will achieve growth and be academically successful. As such, we must do everything in our power to open our hearts and our doors to families of children with learning differences. In order to do that, we must provide the resources and professional development to our teachers to ensure that these students can excel and thrive in our Catholic school communities.

We at the Diocese of Fall River Catholic Schools believe that:

  • All children can learn.
  • Not all students are going to learn the same way on any given day.
  • Students have different styles of learning.
  • It is not important how smart they are, but how they are smart.
  • Abilities and talents can be developed, formed, and grow.
  • There are means and strategies that can be integrated into a regular classroom to educate exceptional students.

If the Catholic school leader believes their school has the resources your student needs through specialized support for learning acquisition, the Catholic school will accept your student. If you require additional information regarding educating students with exceptional needs, please feel free to contact Vin Mancuso, Assistant Superintendent, by email or phone at (508) 687-7301.

Our Schools