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What is Personalized Learning?

By focusing on the quality of their education and the common good, educators can help all understand that “we belong to one human family”. ~Pope Francis

About Personalized Learning

One of the innovative ways that our schools are expanding on the benefits of a Catholic education is by integrating personalized learning into our curriculum. Research shows that this teaching model can lead to huge growth achievements for students.

In the typical classroom, about one-third of students do not understand the information being delivered and thus fall behind their peers.

A personalized model of instruction calls for all students to be treated as individuals. Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, content is delivered in a format and at a pace that works best for each child. The teacher regularly engages students in small-group and individual activities to stimulate learning.

Students, meanwhile, are involved in setting goals and in planning a roadmap to meet their goals. Children must also “demonstrate effective collaboration” through “group projects and learning experiences,” according to K-12 education website Edutopia.1

With the adoption of personalized learning, the Diocese of Fall River Catholic schools will meet all students where they are on the academic spectrum — and ensure no one is left behind.

How Does it Work?

Benefits of Personalized Learning