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Dreaming is something that is important in the life of the students, teachers, administrators, families and the entire community at Holy Family Holy Name School in New Bedford. It has been a dream for a few years to develop, enhance and design a new science lab for the students. Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot get to where we dream of being tomorrow unless we change our thinking today”. These words of the master mind of a great human being who knew what it was to dream, describes the reality of a few people at HFHN who wanted to improve the academic lessons in science for the students.

Marianne McGlynn, science teacher at HFHN is an incredible, resourceful teacher, who has created thought provoking, innovative lesson plans, with sometimes few resources. She knows what it is to get into the minds of her students, and give them the best of the best, so they can learn the most out of each lesson. McGlynn shared that this new science lab is a dream she has had for a while. When McGlynn was asked what her dream is for this lab she commented, “in order to bring to life the most significant topics in science, it is best to have the newest equipment, so the students will be able to calculate and review the most precise data in experiments and record their outcomes.”

The group of parents who have been hard at work to raise funds for the school are excited to be part of this new development in the school. In May they organized the Spring Fling fundraiser and this coming November, they will offer another fundraiser to support the work of the science lab.

Plans and Images of the proposed science lab were created and donated by Patrick Grime, a local designer and HFHN Alumni who, through architectural representation, has expressed his support of the schools forward thinking science program. He Stated, “I had zero reservations when I was approached about helping bring the science lab to life. If I can help realize the dreams of the very school that helped make my dreams a reality, then that’s what I intend to do. Both the faculty and the students deserve to be surrounded by the tools and recourses they need to succeed well into the 21st century.”

HFHN is an inner-city school that has in the forefront the best interest of its students, by means of nurturing their faith, living the Golden Rule of treating others the way you want them to treat you and constantly striving to obtain a standard of being a school of excellence. The school received its 10-year reaccreditation last October.

When McGlynn was asked to compile a wish list for her science room she never thought that it would develop into a science lab. Before the beginning of this school year she was surprised to hear from HFHN principal, Ms. Cecilia Felix, that a science sink was being delivered to the school. Felix heard from a person who desired to give a donation to the school, and asked if there was something that the school could use. It didn’t take too long for McGlynn and Felix to agree on this generous gift.

When one thinks of HFHN it is impossible over these last 27 years not to think of Ms. Felix. She is so instrumental in the functionality of the school, in generating many profound donations, in carrying within her heart the spiritual and academic well-being of all students. Her witness to Catholic Education is outstanding, as she each and every day dedicates her life to making sure all families who want to provide their children with a Catholic Education are given this opportunity. Felix stated when asked about her role in the school shared, “My love and concern for all the students, teachers, staff and families lives deep within my heart. The school is my second home, it is important to make sure that we constantly find ways to improve the academic life, so we can always strive to live the academic standards needed for the students to succeed. I am most grateful to the parents and donors who are committed to raise funds for the science lab.”

The science lab would not be complete if it was not named after someone who was an extraordinary fan and outspoken advocate for Catholic Education. After careful reflection, the decision was made to name the lab the Monsignor Thomas J. Harrington Science Lab. Msgr. Harrington throughout his life supported Catholic Education, and specially cared for the students at HFHN, as it was in his childhood neighborhood. Thanks to so many, HFHN will make the changes needed today, for a better tomorrow.

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