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Flatley Foundation Provides Support for Fall River Diocese Schools

Originally Published on capecod.com

FALL RIVER – The Catholic Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts and the Catholic Schools Alliance have received two awards from the Flatley Foundation.

The money will help continue two key initiatives for the Diocese of Fall River’s Catholic schools under the newly formed Academy platform: personalized learning, and math education, which were initially funded by a 2017 Flatley Foundation grant.

Research shows that students demonstrate the greatest growth when taught utilizing the personalized learning model of instruction.

This instructional approach employing various tools such as leveraging technology allows content to be delivered in a way that each student is able to understand and at a pace that best suits each student.

“The implementation of personalized learning in our Catholic schools allows our teachers to be more effective at addressing each student’s needs, right down to identifying specific skills that require more attention much earlier than in a traditional classroom setting,” Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Steve Perla said.

“This generous award from the Flatley Foundation allows us to expand this pedagogy to even more schools and their classrooms.”

“Mathematics is a great equalizer when it comes to providing opportunities for under-served populations,” said Dr. Kate Marin, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Stonehill College and partner on the Mathematics education initiative added,

“The Diocese of Fall River Catholic schools is committed to serving and supporting under-served populations.”

There continues to be an overwhelming local and national need for a workforce that is well equipped for the “fourth industrial revolution” which requires people with strong math and science skills.

“The Flatley Foundation has been a true partner with the Diocese of Fall River, most especially in our Catholic Schools,” said Bishop Edgar da Cunha.

“We are forever grateful for the Trustees continued generosity and investment.”

“This award presents an opportunity for our already strong schools to raise the bar in their ability to best serve ach individual student and lay the foundation for lasting instructional and academic excellence,” said Co-Chair of the Catholic Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts, Pat Carney.For more information on the Catholic Schools Alliance, visit catholicschoolsalliance.org.For further information on the Catholic Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts, visit catholicfoundationsema.org.

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