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St. John Paul II & St. Francis Xavier Prep “Staff Day of Service”

Students aren’t the only ones performing Christian service. On Friday, May 11, 2018, over 50 faculty and staff members of St. John Paul II High School & St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School kicked-off the first “Staff Day of Service” by working in eight sites across Cape Cod. Staff members met in the high school Chapel for prayer and reflection, then set out for their service locations.


Cape Cod Child Development | Hyannis

“We had hoped to be able to work with the young children who are served by Cape Cod Child Development. The service which was needed most, however, was spring cleaning outside the building, especially on the playground used by the children. Our volunteers quickly and cheerfully got to work raking and bagging what seemed like a few years’ worth of leaves from the property. As we completed our work, I could imagine the children playing happily out there throughout the spring and summer. Our group was comprised of some young women, including a young mom, some older women, including a grandmother or two, and a grandfather. I am sure we all thought of our children and grandchildren as we worked to improve this play-place for these children. Working alongside this group of people was a gratifying experience in itself. Getting to know our colleagues by working towards a common goal has a way of bringing out the best in all of us. ”
-Mrs. Maureen Hufnagle, JPII Guidance Counselor


St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry | Hyannis

“It was a joyful experience to give food to people who need it. The clients were very diverse – from a young girl accompanying her mom to older people living alone. Some people were shopping for a family of five, some just for themselves. The distribution was very well organized, and everyone seemed to enjoy the time – the clients and the volunteers. People who had been there for some time already knew each other, and there was a family feeling. It was great to get to know the pantry better as this is where our social action club donates during Lent and Advent and for Thanksgiving. We also give the canned goods we collect during school dances to this pantry. The SVdP volunteers, advocates and clients are
our neighbors.”
-Mrs. Heidi Scheffler, SFXP French Teacher




Salvation Army | Hyannis

“We made 100 bagged lunches and served them. This was an opportunity to work with and for the homeless in our area. We realized how lucky we were and with one wrong turn or through a debilitating illness, anyone could become homeless. We chatted with each person that came and offered them choices and maybe made a difference that day for just one person.”
-Ms. Mona Lisa Valentino, JPII Assistant Principal




Cape Cod Literacy Council | Hyannis

“The Cape Cod Literacy Council helps adults – both native English speakers and non-native English speakers – improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English. We posed for a variety of staged photographs that will be used on the organization’s website and in training materials. Our goal was to simulate various teaching and learning situations; in some shots we used laptops, and in others, we used board games, a whiteboard, or other instructional materials. Volunteering with the CCLC gave us a greater understanding of the essential work performed by this organization. We learned a great deal about the services that CCLC provides and the teaching styles used to improve clients’ literacy effectively.”
-Miss Katherine Schmarr, SFXP Literature Teacher



Craigville Beach Clean Up | Covell’s, Craigville, and Long Beach, Centerville

“We were such a large group. We felt it was most effective to split up into two groups and to clean different beaches. Group One focused on the parking lots of Covell’s Beach and Craigville Beach filling seven bags with trash. Group Two went down to Long Beach collecting trash on the way down and working on both the riverside and the beachside filling four bags with trash. We all felt really good about ourselves afterward that we were able to help in some way clean our beaches and home. It is important for people to be aware of how much trash there is on the beach, it isn’t always big items either, it can be as small as a wire in seaweed, or a small bead. At some point, this trash was in the ocean, and it is destroying our animals and environment.”
-Mrs. Stephanie Fox, JPII Administrative Assistant



Barnstable Land Trust | Marstons Mills

We assisted the Barnstable Land Trust in their land stewardship activities. Specifically, we repaired and regraded walking trails that had been damaged due to illegal ATV and dirt bike usage. “Service through care for public lands is important not only because creation reflects the Creator, but specifically through trail maintenance, we help bring people into closer relationship with natural spaces. All of us enjoy proper walking trails, and I am grateful for the staff’s efforts to give back.”
-Mr. Christopher Keavy, Head of School



Cape Abilities Farm | Dennis

“Cape Abilities serves adults with disabilities. The farm exists to provide meaningful employment to these individuals as well as to have a positive impact on the local economy. We worked in a variety of areas on the farms. One group took seedlings and transplanted them to larger pots for retail sale. Others organized a Mother’s Day activity planned  or that weekend by preparing a bouquet activity with cut flowers. Several volunteers worked on a cleanup project in the greenhouse area, while another group created signs and organized plants to sell. It was a  wonderful day that allowed staff members from both the middle and high school to work together and to get to know one another better while at the same time assisting a great local organization. Although we felt our service was beneficial to the farm, we all felt we received more than we gave.”
-Mrs. Sandra Eager, SFXP Business Manager



The Children’s Center | Harwichport

The Children’s Center is part of the Harwich Ecumenical Council for Housing. They provide childcare and financial assistance to working parents who need this help. I was able to spend the day taking care of the children so their teachers could tend to other important tasks. It  has a great experience.
-Ms. Kristin Groves, SFXP Science Teacher

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