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The new look of the CSA

For the last several months the Catholic Schools Office has been hard at work to create an identity for the Catholic Schools Alliance. We met with principals, staff, parents, and students from all of our schools to hear what their experience of the CSA is and why they choose to work or study in one of our schools. There were many themes that emerged over and over again in our meetings about the things that make our schools special. (See Why Catholic Education?) We took all of the feedback and looked at what our central message is. We came away with the idea that our schools don’t just impart knowledge to students, they nurture minds and souls.

All of our schools have family environments where students can fully engage in learning because they feel safe, welcomed, and loved. They can wrestle with truth in the academic and spiritual realm because they are surrounded by caring staff who walk with them on their journey of learning and becoming the person God created them to be.

It is hard to put everything that makes our schools special into a visual icon so we decided to keep it simple.

We are confident that the Catholic Schools Alliance is a strong brand because of the people who make up our school communities and hope that our efforts to define our brand will help draw more attention to the good things already happening in our schools.


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