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To Truth, Through Love

My name is Alyssa St. Laurent and I’m an eighth grader at Espirito Santo School. I have been enrolled at Espirito Santo School since Kindergarten and I feel I understand this school better than some of my peers. Sometimes, growing up in the same school can make you blind to the small details, but recently I went in depth about what I love about my school and what makes it unique.

As soon as I walk through the doors of Espirito Santo, I’m greeted by the staff, with their smiling faces, which makes me immediately feel welcome. Throughout the day, they guide me through academic challenges, no matter what the subject may be. They always take me and everyone else into consideration, and work with us individually to help our every academic need. They know our likes and dislikes, how we behave, and how to help us, just like a family. They put us on the right path and prepare us for what’s to come as they watch us grow throughout the years.

We grow in a religious environment and are given various ways to learn. Espirito Santo is an environment where we learn through the experience of our faith. We are as familiar with technology as were are with textbooks, as the school continues to provide the resources to help us succeed in a changing world. Also, we are given the opportunity to volunteer, in partnership with the church and with outside community agencies as a form of community service. The students are raised with the golden rule that they treat others how they want to be treated and learn how to settle disputes in a Christian way, not that there really are any. The classes are just the right size, where the school has a big family, but everyone knows everyone else. Even some students from other grade levels build friendly relationships, who have either met in the halls or in an extracurricular activity. This makes Espirito Santo feel like a family. The extracurricular activities include a School Choir, Yearbook Club, Homework Club, Knitting Club, Catholic Futsal League and CYO Basketball teams for both boys and girls, where everyone who participates is taught the fundamentals of teamwork, and sportsmanship. This is just a small list of activities that our school offers, and it only continues to grow.

We often go to masses held by our parish, where Fr. Gauvin speaks and interacts with us, as we do with him. Masses we attend during the school year are served by altar servers from our school and planned by various classes. Students are part of the liturgy by lectoring, presenting the gifts, and leading the school in prayerful song. It’s an interesting experience to be able to participate in such a close and upfront way. Every year, our church holds a feast where we all can volunteer and go to for fun. Everyone looks forward to the Christmas play as the eighth grade reenacts various events around the time Jesus Christ was born. This year, it will be my class who can help educate the younger ones in the best way possible. Stations of the Cross, which is led by the seventh grade class is a fantastic experience. The Stations of the Cross are my personal favorite because of the intensity and the concept that Jesus gave up the most to give us more in our lives. Everything we know and do is made possible by all the dedicated teachers. The teachers help us coordinate ourselves with our studies and the plays, each and every one of the classes taking part; singing, acting, reading, and narrating. This truly allows us to live out our mission statement, helping us grow morally, spiritually and intellectually, in this caring, Christian environment.

Everyone who grows within the Espirito Santo School environment is taught three major lessons- Mercy, Humility, and Kindness/Respect for everyone. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone is taught the value of kindness and respect. Good behavior is praised and everyone learns quickly that it is fun to help others rather than make them unhappy. The Espirito Santo School faculty is a big part of every child’s life, my life, and each other’s. I can’t imagine ever going to another school, but I know it’s inevitable. I’m going to make the best of my last school year with the best people I know, and descend down the best path that the teachers took the time to pave for me. I will cherish all of the memories I have built here, and thank you to everyone who made those memories great.

By: Alyssa St. Laurent ‘18


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