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Bishop da Cunha to celebrate Our Lady of Aparecida at St. Pius X School

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YARMOUTH, Mass. — October 12 commemorates one of the most important miracles to ever occur in Brazil. In 1717, the governor of the São Paulo Province was passing through a small town. The people in the town wanted to provide a big feast for the governor, but they feared that they would not catch enough fish for the crowd.

After days of no fish, the fisherman tried one last time, and they caught the headless statue of the Virgin Mary in their nets. The next catch was the actual head of the statue. After putting the statue back together, they caught so much fish, they had more than enough for a feast. The word spread of this miracle and many people began to visit the statue. The people called the statue “Our Lady of Aparecida” because it means “she who appeared.”

In honor of the Brazilian population on Cape Cod, St. Pius X School will celebrate its second annual Our Lady of Aparecida celebration on Friday, October 11 at 1 p.m. Bishop da Cunha will preside over the celebration as a tribute to his Brazilian heritage and homeland. kartal escort

“We are so thrilled to have Bishop da Cunha at our school to lead us in this very important celebration for our entire student population,” said Anne Dailey, principal of St. Pius X School. “Our students love to learn about their faith and the world around them and to have the bishop’s Brazilian influence is an extra special event!”

Father Paul Caron, pastor of St. Pius X parish and school, added: “Last year’s event proved to be a wonderful celebration. The children really enjoyed acting out the events that took place in 1717 as well as learning some of the prayers in Portuguese. Bishop da Cunha’s presence will bring even more attention to the Brazilian people in our community and how we can all learn from each other’s traditions.”

“It is an honor and a pleasure to celebrate this tradition with the St. Pius X community,” said Bishop da Cunha. “I remember looking forward to the October 12 festivities when I was a child, so participating in this celebration brings me back to how my family established traditions for Our Lady of Aparecida. What a wonderful experience for all children and their families to learn about this very important miracle in Brazil.”

The celebration will begin at 1 p.m. on Friday, October 11 at St. Pius X Church, 98 Station Avenue, South Yarmouth. For more information, please visit or call the school at 508-398-6112.

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