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Fall River Catholic Schools spend $250K on PPE supplies

Originally posted on www.southcoasttoday.com

FALL RIVER – The Diocese of Fall River Catholic Schools has teamed up with Glove Cleaners, Inc. to supply its Catholic schools with personal protective equipment, the diocese announced in a news release. Glove Cleaners has delivered PPE supplies for 15 elementary, one middle and four high schools in the diocese.

The final order totaled over $250,000 for PPE for the first 12 weeks of school.

On July 20 the first delivery was made to Bishop Connolly High School, which was used as a central location for all PPE deliveries. By the end of July, all 20 schools had 12 weeks of PPE to support in-person learning anticipated for the overall majority of schools, the news release said.

“When we first realized how much PPE our schools would require for in-person learning, we immediately knew that we needed a partner in this adventure,” said Denise Peixoto, Assistant Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Fall River in the news release. “The other challenge was that many of the items were very difficult to source and our goal was to open our schools by the end of August. This project needed more than just a supplier. We definitely had David Kantelis, our Glove Cleaners Account Executive, on speed dial as he worked tirelessly to help source, price, and deliver product to all of our schools.”

“When our company was first introduced to the Diocese of Fall River Catholic schools, we anticipated that we would need to be creative and flexible to meet the delivery requirements,” said Mark Trenteseaux, vice president, sales and marketing for Glove Cleaners, in the news release. “Our company has been around since 1960 and never before have we faced the challenge of the entire world needing the same products. That said, the Catholic Schools Office was very organized and proactive, which made our job so much easier. They represent the largest school system we service and we could not be prouder of our involvement in helping the schools reopen safely.”

“Full in-person learning for the fall was a goal of our office as early as May so we knew that obtaining PPE was the first priority,” sadi Daniel S. Roy, Superintendent of Catholic schools for the Diocese of Fall River in the news release. “We are blessed to work with Glove Cleaners who have been so supportive of our requests. They worked tirelessly to ensure we had the right products, at the right time, and at the best price. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them for as long as we need to purchase the products they sell.”

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