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New Catholic School Staff Tuition Abatement Policy Announced

The Catholic Schools Office and the Diocese of Fall River’s Central Board of Catholic School Education recognize that for many of our teachers and staff members their job is more than a job – it is their vocation. Our teachers and staff members bring an unmatched devotion and passion to their work (both inside and outside the classroom) and strive to be role models for their students. Without their dedication to our schools we would not have Catholic Education. We are committed to supporting our teachers and staff members in their work.

As part of our commitment, we formed a committee that included the Chair of the Central Board of Catholic School Education, principals, and teachers to review the Catholic School Staff Tuition Abatement Policy. The committee found that the policy did not serve its purpose of helping Catholic School teachers and staff members to access a Catholic Education for their own children.

After considerable study and detailed analysis, the Central Board is pleased to announce a revision to the Catholic School Staff Tuition Abatement policy.  The new policy reduces the tenure time to reach 100% benefits in half from 20 years to 10. The policy has also expanded to apply to all children regardless of the Catholic School they attend. The policy takes effect starting with 2018-2019 school year.

Support from FACE

While this new policy is a benefit to our teachers and staff members, it has financial implications for our schools. Recognizing this potential impact, the Central Board asked the Foundation to Advance Catholic Education (FACE) to provide support for our schools as we implement the new policy. The FACE board has generously agreed to give $250,000 for the 2018/19 school year. The Diocese has also committed to providing $50,000 in support of this policy. These funds will provide tuition abatement for students who attend a school other than the school their parent works in.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to the committee members, FACE and the Diocese for their support of this new policy. It is our hope that this change in policy will afford more children of Catholic school employees the opportunity to receive a Catholic school education.

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