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Monthly Insider – Renewing our Commitment to Responsible Financial Stewardship

Blessings during this Easter Season!

For the past eighteen months, the Catholic Schools Office in collaboration with the Central Board of Catholic Education has been working to implement the recommendations made by the Catholic Schools Task Force to strengthen our Catholic School’s mission, academic programming and financial vitality. As a result of our commitment to excellence, we recently had to make extraordinarily difficult decisions that directly impacted families and staff at some of our schools.

Due to a large financial debt and aging facilities, St. Mary Primary School in Taunton will close at the end of this school year. Our Lady of Lourdes School has opened their doors to welcome every family that wishes to continue with Catholic Education in Taunton. This change, along with moving Grade 5 to Coyle and Cassidy High School & Middle School, has been made to strengthen Pre K – 12 Catholic education and allow for innovation as we work with families, staff, and community members to create a new vision for the future of Catholic Education in Taunton.

In order to develop a Pre K – 12 Catholic School on Cape Cod, we will bring the governance of St. Margaret Regional School under St. John Paul II High School and close St. Margaret’s middle school (grades 5 – 8). Middle school students have been encouraged to enroll at St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School and the Diocese and FACE have provided tuition and transportation resources to aid families in the transition.

These changes will result in stronger academic programs and greater opportunities for students in all grades.

We recognize the impact these decisions have had on families and staff members. We are making every effort to ensure that teachers and staff members remain employed with us. We are deeply grateful for their years of dedicated service and sacrifice on behalf of the thousands of students whose lives they have impacted.

During the 2017/18 school year, each of our Catholic Schools have or will be completing a financial review with the Diocese’s Director of Financial Planning for Parishes and Schools. This review, along with the 3year strategic plan that each school has developed sets a pathway for success. With the renewed focus on responsible financial stewardship, we will be able to invest in our students by providing strong academic programs that meet the needs of today’s competitive world. The Catholic Schools Office is committed to working in partnership with all of our local school communities to assist them with the successful implementation of their strategic plans.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you to provide an excellent Catholic education for every student who wishes to attend our Catholic Schools. We pray that God will continue to guide our work and to bless you and your families.

Thank YOU so much for your on-going support of our Catholic schools.

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