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Celebrate Faculty, Staff and Volunteers

March 2021 Nominees

Nominee’s Name: Joyce Saucier
School Name: All Saints Catholic School
Nominated By: Soultana Baptiste

Mrs. Saucier encourages and motivates Dominick on a daily basis. He comes home everyday eager to tell me what happened in social studies class. She has gone above and beyond to retain his interest in social studies and to help him gain more knowledge in this subject. She is an amazing teacher all around and her dedication to her students is greatly appreciated.

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Your Nominee Can Go Here!

Nominee’s Name: Kate Martin
School Name: St. Pius X
Nominated By: Kaylee Baril

I chose Mrs. Martin (Kate Martin) because she is the best teacher I have ever met! She helps me to want to come to school in the morning and she makes me smile when I see her in the school hallway! She is really nice and no one can replace her! She is an awesome guidance counselor/teacher and anyone deserves to have her as a teacher!

Nominee’s Name: Michelle Russo
School Name: St. Francis Xavier – Acushnet
Nominated By: Jenalyn Gobern

Mrs. Russo has always been an important piece to the Saint Francis Xavier School puzzle. As the principal of the school for as long as I can remember she has always gone above and beyond for the children and their families. When the pandemic hit last year she worked tirelessly to determine and implement the best possible strategies to allow the faculty and students the opportunity to continue with the school year. As unconventional as it was, the children were still able to thrive and learn under the difficult circumstances. She has continued throughout this school year to maintain the safety and well-being of the faculty and the students. Along with the stress that comes along with all of the restrictions in place and maintaining a certain level of safety, Mrs. Russo has been an integral part in ensuring that our children have some sense of normalcy within their school day. Our children are not only learning but they are also thriving and it gives my husband and I a sense of peace knowing that our child is in the best hands possible under the leadership of Mrs. Russo.

Nominee’s Name: Bernard Flood
School Name: All Saints Catholic School
Nominated By: Genevieve McKeon

Mr. Flood has been managing the after school and summer programs for many years. My 2 girls have been privileged to know him for the last 6 years, seeing him daily after school and for the majority of the summer. He interacts with the students in a variety of ways, always guiding them to practice the Christian values our school holds dear. He is warm, compassionate, understanding and always willing to assist each student and family in any way he can. I don’t know how he has the energy or patience to help the students with homework, talk them through conflicts, play basketball, kickball, floor hockey, etc with them each day. He is such an asset to our school community and does all these good deeds out of the kindness of his heart. He will be the first to tell you that these students enrich his life but in all honesty he enriched each of ours. It is a thankless job but my girls and I grateful for him!

Nominee’s Name: Cathy Jason
School Name: St. Francis Xavier – Acushnet
Nominated By: Rene Rhodes

Kindergarten during a pandemic. The thought of such a milestone clouded with masks and restrictions on sharing and social interactions weighed heavy on the hearts of many parents. But how lucky are the parents of Mrs. Jason’s Kindergarten class that she still found ways to engage her very young students during such an uncertain time. My son came home with exciting stories to tell about Fun Friday, Sight Words, and Pajama Day. A period of required remote learning allowed me to see how the timid, first day Kindergartens from orientation day had blossomed into enthusiastic learners. It was clear that Mrs. Jason had not just been teaching reading, math, and religion. She was also fostering self-confidence, and inspiring her students to love learning and love God. Mrs. Jason is an exceptional educator whose love for her students and her St. Francis Xavier community truly shines brightly.

Nominee’s Name: Mr. White, School Janitor
School Name: All Saints Catholic School
Nominated By: Christopher Lemaire

Mr. While is always friendly. He has a tough job but always has time to answer questions from my classmates. Last year, he gave us all in the middle school ice cream and popsicles.

Nominee’s Name: Eleanor Monast
School Name: Holy Trinity
Nominated By: Sarah Carreiro

Mrs. Monast is my son’s pre-k 3 teacher. She is so caring toward all of her students. My son was nervous to start a new school. Every day my son comes home from school and amazes me with what he has learned. She does so many hands on projects with the students. My son was so nervous and shy at the beginning of the year but now he excited to go to school. He recently started learning about the solar system and comes home singing songs and telling me about the different planets. I am so appreciative that my son has a caring teacher especially during these uncertain times. I love that I have the opportunity to send him to Holy Trinity School.

Nominee’s Name: Shireen Muehlberger
School Name: St. John the Evangelist
Nominated By: Jennifer Moore

St. John the Evangelist School is very fortunate to have Mrs. Muehlberger as the Middle School ELA teacher. She is an engaging, enthusiastic & inspiring educator that has a positive impact on all her middle schoolers. Mrs. Muehlberger really gets to know her students & challenges them in both a safe & caring environment. Both of my children have excelled in her class due to her creative teaching strategies & positive leadership style. Mrs. Muehlberger strongly exemplifies our schools values & we are lucky to have her.

Nominee’s Name: Arthur Ferreira
School Name: St. Francis Xavier – Acushnet
Nominated By: Nellie Hotte

Mr. Ferreira is the middle school history and literature teacher at St. Francis Xavier school in Acushnet. He has taught both my daughters Kaitlyn (now a sophomore in college) and Emma who is currently in 8th grade (and for the past middle school years).
Mr. Ferreira embodies everything it means to be a great teacher. He is professional and knowledgeable in what he teaches, promoting the Catholic faith and helping build strong foundations and morals. He brings laughter into the classroom along with real life experiences. This definitely keeps the students engaged and motivated. Throughout the pandemic and its challenges, he’s made an smooth transition from remote to in-person learning which has made it easy for the students to keep going without skipping a beat.

Mr. Ferreira along with the faculty at St. Francis Xavier have been unbelievably successful during this last year in providing a safe environment for the students while promoting an excellent education. We are confident that Emma will be prepared for high school and continue her faith based education. We are so thankful for them and Mr. Ferreira!

Thank you for all you do!

Nominee’s Name: Anne Dailey
School Name: St. Pius X
Nominated By: Lidiane Roncelli

As a principal of the school, she has done an excellent job throughout the pandemic to keep school going smoothly, the guidelines followed by all staff and for her tireless efforts to keep students attending school in presence safely and efficiently. She has all my respect.

Nominee’s Name: Jennie Martel
School Name: St. Francis Xavier – Acushnet
Nominated By: Liz Voci

Mrs. Martel has gone above and beyond to provide a rigorous education, a safe and welcoming classroom environment, and constant opportunities for spiritual growth. There are too many examples of her exemplary teaching to list on this nomination! She leads be example, and faces challenges with a positive attitude and creative solutions. She’s been teaching first grade students in-person and remotely at the same time all year. My child joined her classroom remotely for two months, and she made every effort to continue his education and took time every day to just talk to him and the other remote students. She manages her class of 18 squirmy first graders in the classroom and on the computer at the same time with grace, and she ALWAYS a smile. My son loves going to school, and I am so grateful for all of her hard work!

Nominee’s Name: Filomena Silva
School Name: Bishop Stang High School
Nominated By: Victoria Raposo

Senora Silva is one of the most amazing individuals I have ever met. I have been in her class for four years now and it is one that I always look forward to. She makes class both fun and interesting and I’m so glad I have gone onto the fourth year. She is the sweetest, most caring and compassionate person I know. She has inspired me to become a teacher and has given me so many opportunities as a young peer tutor in her subject. I will always be grateful for everything Senora has done for not only me, but also all of her students. She is an example of what a good Catholic should be. She has strengthened my faith in both God and myself. Senora has helped me dive deeper into discovering who I really am. Senora has helped me realize what a beautiful heritage I come from and she has helped me appreciate it so much more. I can honestly say that to this day, I don’t know where I would be without her. Thank you Senora for all that you do!

Nominee’s Name: Meredith Bickford
School Name: Bishop Feehan High School
Nominated By: Carrie Smith

Ms. Bickford is the English Department Chair at Bishop Feehan. However, there is not a corner of the school she does not touch. Ms. Bickford is an assistant coach with the Cross Country team and moderator of the Female Empowerment Club. She assists the administration with research and data analysis for our SAT program. Students know Ms. Bickford is always available to help. She has been known to pitch in and moderate the chess club, judge a debate for the debate team and has also helped a group of students produce and perform their own play. She can be found at various school events, from Homecoming games to National Honor Society Induction ceremonies. She is such an amazing friend and mentor to all members of the faculty, always willing to give advice. I feel truly blessed to call Meredith Bickford not only my colleague, but my friend.

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    Congratulations to Tyler Clark from St. Stanislaus School! He is our February winner of an AMEX $100 Gift Card!

    Thank you for our February nominees!

    Nominee’s Name: Brenda Gagnon
    School Name: Holy Trinity
    Nominated By: Laurie Cabral

    Mrs. Gagnon makes you feel special with her encouraging words. She knows every student by name, small details about them, and makes sure they receive the appropriate education they deserve. Mrs. Gagnon is so kind and caring, if anyone deserves this title, it’s her.

    Nominee’s Name: Patrick Rosendale
    School Name: St. John the Evangelist
    Nominated By: Marcelle Peterson

    From Allie, student: Mr Rosendale is the best teacher!
    From Mom, Marcelle: Mr Rosendale connected immediately with our kids. He has made history class a favorite for his students! He educates while making subject matter interesting and memorable! He is a great asset to SJE! Here is a picture of a history project!

    Nominee’s Name: Jose da Costa
    School Name: St. Joseph
    Nominated By: Katie Donovan

    When thinking about who to nominate, I started to write names of people I come in contact with daily. Half way through my list my five year old daughter asked what I was doing. I explain and started to go through my list. When I was done with my names, my daughter looked at my list, then me, and said “you forgot the most important person.” Who, I questioned, as my list was not big but I thought I had most people I knew. My daughter replied “ Mr. Costa!”. It was right there that I realized how important it was to include her in the process of such an important nomination. So from here I will write why my daughter has nominated Mr. da Costa as an important person in her school life.
    When my daughter started her new school Mr. da Costa was one of the first facility members that at lunch that would help her get her lunch ready. Every day we write her notes and place it her lunch. Every day she said he would help her read the note. This helped her settle into not only a new school but a school with Covid restrictions.
    When situations have arisen where cleaning or fixing has needed to be done, Mr. Da Costa does it with ease and will always answer any question each kid is asking when doing it. Our daughter is a talkative and a very curious kid. He has also taken the time to answer her questions while completing the task at hand.
    He may have a position within St. Joseph School that he spends a majority of the time with the kids but when he is around, he shows kindness and a caring attitude to each kid he comes across, even if it’s for a short period of time.

    Nominee’s Name: Shireen Muehlberger
    School Name: St. John the Evangelist
    Nominated By: Jenn DiMarco

    We would like to nominate Shireen Muehlberger, ELA teacher for grades 5-8 at St. John the Evangelist School. Mrs. Muehlberger has truly been a wonderful teacher for our son. While many if not all of our SJE teachers have gone above and beyond, especially during this past year; we feel incredibly fortunate to be part of the St. John’s community. Mrs. Muehlberger is so dedicated and understands the children’s needs. She works tirelessly and effortlessly to do it in a way that encourages each individual in their learning. Her book selections have the children enthralled and engaged in the stories. She is always willing to offer creative suggestions for studying and assigns projects that encourage creativity. More recently, we were encouraged to see recognizable and measurable results through the map testing that the school conducts. We were extremely impressed to see some positive results. We feel this is a complement to her teaching strategy and we attribute some of our son’s success to having Mrs. Muehlberger.

    Nominee’s Name: Deborah Cronan
    School Name: St. Joseph
    Nominated By: Tahnea Perry

    This was my first time putting my daughter in any type of child care and Mrs. Cronan has made me feel at ease these past few months. Her communication with me & interaction with my child is amazing! So happy she is my daughter’s first school teacher.

    Nominee’s Name: Mike White
    School Name: All Saints Catholic School
    Nominated By: Ava Ferreira

    He cleans our school, and is very nice and thoughtful to everyone.

    Nominee’s Name: Erin Costa
    School Name: All Saints Catholic School
    Nominated By: Erin McAlonan

    Nurse Erin has been outstanding during these most trying times. She promptly responds to parent questions and concerns surrounding the health and well-being of our children. She has thoroughly supported our needs surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic…. endlessly responding to emails about isolation and quarantine guidelines, etc. She has also continued to show her genuine care and concern for our families in every correspondence.
    Thank you!!!

    Nominee’s Name: Amy Hurteau
    School Name: All Saints Catholic School
    Nominated By: Erica Caron-Afonso

    I am nominating Mrs. Hurteau for her service and love for All Saints for a variety of reasons. Mrs. Hurteau is a nurturing and compassionate educator who is committed and dedicated to all of her students. She goes above and beyond to meet students needs. My daughter has some learning and coordination challenges and Mrs. Hurteau has helped her to feel accepted and included at school while providing as much academic support as possible. Mrs. Hurteau also tutors my daughter after school on her own time to help improve her skills. My daughter is so grateful to be in her class and feels like she can go to Mrs. Hurteau with any questions or concerns. We, as a family are grateful as well, for all she has done.

    Nominee’s Name: Patricia Ferreira
    School Name: All Saints Catholic School
    Nominated By: Kathy Souza

    I would like to nominate Mrs. Ferreira from All Saints, she so deserves this nomination. She is not only the 5th grade homeroom teacher, but also, the school music and Portuguese teacher. On a daily basis she sees so many students, virtually. My 5th grade student loves her, she makes learning fun and has maintained a great attitude during both distance and in-person learning. I was wondering what music class would be like this year and was thinking I would need to invest in some good ear plugs, however, she has taught the students about notes, instruments, and categories of music. I have been so impressed with what I hear both in her music class and Portuguese class with my youngest child. I personally have no idea what is being said or taught in Portuguese however, my children are learning and retaining that knowledge even though they may only hear once a week in class. Mrs Ferreira is a great teacher and role model for all of the students at ASCS, we all appreciate everything she has done for the students and the school.

    Nominee’s Name: Erin McCaffrey
    School Name: All Saints Catholic School
    Nominated By: Kathy Souza

    I would like to nominate Ms, McCaffrey from All Saints because teaching a class of 20 (15 boys and 5 girls) is not an easy task. Throw in the fact that we are in the middle of this crazy year and some students are doing distance and the others are in school. My son has done both and because of this I have been able to see first hand how crazy teaching a 2nd grade class at this time is. She manages to keep the attention of both groups, with stretch breaks, Ready Freddy books and fun learning activities, while making sure the students are following the Covid policies and rules to be safe. I truly believe she deserves this nomination and so much more.

    Nominee’s Name: Sheena Carrier
    School Name: Espirito Santo
    Nominated By: Mario DeSousa

    Mrs. Carrier deserves to be nominated for this because she is always there for my son, Ashton, everyday whenever he needed someone she knew how to attend to his needs. She would call me to make sure I was in the loop of what my child was going through after he lost his grandfather unexpectedly. I have never felt more comfortable with my child having someone like Mrs. Carrier to be there for him in such a difficult and unpredicted time. She went above and beyond just being a a school nurse, she is an outstanding role model for my son and all the other children that she has the opportunity to take care of.

    Nominee’s Name: Kristyn Johnson
    School Name: Holy Trinity
    Nominated By: Deb Vaillancourt

    Mrs. Johnson has taught both my son’s for a total of 7 years (middle school & 5th grade). Her love of teaching especially in the subject of social studies has to this day influenced my oldest son’s love of the subject. He still now, as a high school senior, will still recite facts that he learned with Mrs. Johnson and let me know the tricks that she used to help him retain the information. I also had the pleasure of spending time with her outside of the classroom as her sons’ played basketball with my boys. She is an amazing role model to her students and also to their parents. My boys and myself are better for having known her. She is a treasure at Holy Trinity.

    Nominee’s Name: Ryan Klein
    School Name: St. Michael
    Nominated By: Shanna Lubold

    Mr. Klein walked into a new position as the principal during a PANDEMIC, taking on challenges that no one would imagine due to COVID, but he took them on with grace and strength. His leadership, caring, kindness and focus on the students AND staff has been a wonderful experience for me and my family. Our son had the need for 100% remote learning, and Mr. Klein became an invaluable resource, whether it came to technology, easing my son’s anxiety or insuring he was achieving each of his goals. While uncertain times can be frustrating, finding grace in every difficult situation makes it easier to make it to the other side without lasting consequences. We know that Sam’s education and foundation has not been weakened, and that is in part to the leadership of Mr. Klein and Fr. Jay Mello at St. Michael’s School.

    Nominee’s Name: Mark Tanguay
    School Name: St. John Paul II High School
    Nominated By: Keith Powell

    Mr. Tanguay works tirelessly to guide the students at St John Paul II high school to ensure they are as well prepared for whatever path they may follow post high school. His dedication to his work and his students is exceptional. The high school guidance program at SJPII is one of, if not the best, around. I have personally attended many of his weekly guidance information sessions which he provides outside of his work hours. He makes himself available to students and parents both in and outside of work. Even now during this past year, his guidance department has not missed a beat in continuing to communicate with students and families and providing all the resources necessary to their success. He embodies servant leadership and I am proud to be able to nominate Mark Tanguay.

    Nominee’s Name: Mary Offiler
    School Name: St. Francis Xavier – Hyannis
    Nominated By: Larry McGrath

    Mary Offiler is more than kind and helpful. In many ways, she is the face of Saint Francis Xavier Prep. She helps parents and students navigate the sometimes changing circumstances within the school in these unusual times. She is a problem solver, counselor and friend to every student and parent who needs information about the school. The answers are always given with a smile.

    Nominee’s Name: Virginia Camara
    School Name: All Saints Catholic School
    Nominated By: Dino Ferreira

    Mrs. Camara always goes above and beyond to better the All Saints school. She has tried to make the school a positive one …especially throughout this pandemic.

    Nominee’s Name: Jennifer Linehan
    School Name: Bishop Connolly High School
    Nominated By: Alexis Heidt

    Ms. Linehan is always working her hardest for all of her students. She will take time, no matter how long it takes to make sure that we have everything we need, and if anyone is having trouble, she will work her very hardest to make sure that she can help them. She makes sure that all of her students are doing okay not just in school, but in life in general. She will always ask you how your day has been and make sure your doing okay, and if not she will try to help. Everytime I walk into her classroom, I always feel relived because I know that when I walk into her classroom, it’ll be a good day if she is there. She makes her classes fun and engaging and always keeps us on our toes. In the beginning of the year she made sure that we got to know each other and helped us grow closer as a class. She is always working not just for her class, but the school. She puts together so many events, and you can truly see the dedication and love she has for the school and her students. She makes learning about religion enjoyable because that is the way she lives her life. She is a great role model.

    Nominee’s Name: Claudette Cardey
    School Name: St. John Paul II High School
    Nominated By: Ryan Monast

    I am nominating Mrs. Cardey, she has gone out of her way for me this year. This year has been a struggle for me but Mrs. Cardey has been extra supportive and I really want her to know how much I appreciate it.

    Nominee’s Name: Gus Adams
    School Name: St. John Paul II High School
    Nominated By: Kristine Monast

    My daughters favorite class is Church History which is taught by Mr. Adams. Mr. Adams has a way of relating to these student. My daughter is always talking about how interesting he makes learning about church history while also keeping it fun and exciting. Hats off to Mr. Adams for knowing what approach works best to keep our teenagers interested and looking forward to his class each day!

    Nominee’s Name: Sr. Muriel Lebeau
    School Name: Holy Family-Holy Name
    Nominated By: Corinne Lebeau

    She is my sister and has taught at Holy Family for many years and is a witness to all the children in the school with her beautiful prayers services.

    Nominee’s Name: Brenda Berard
    School Name: Bishop Connolly High School
    Nominated By: Pam Poli

    I just would like to let you know that choosing just one staff member was very difficult to do. They have all been so wonderful and I am grateful to be able to have my daughter attend school at Bishop Connolly. But I chose Brenda Berard because she has really helped my daughter so much in Algebra this year and really made her more comfortable in school and in her ability to do her school work. This year has been a challenge for a number of reasons and the things she has said to my daughter have really helped her get over some of the rough times. Thank you Brenda for all you do!

    Nominee’s Name: Jackie Battles
    School Name: St. Francis Xavier Prep
    Nominated By: Leixa McDermott

    I am nominating Mrs. Battles because she is really nice and a really good homeroom teacher. She gives us really fun assignments.

    Nominee’s Name: Beth Mahoney
    School Name: St. Stanislaus
    Nominated By: Ann Marie Melanson

    I would like to nominate Beth Mahoney, Principal of St. Stanislaus School. Beth goes above and beyond to ensure that all of the teachers have everything they need to provide the best education for the students. Moving effortlessly between remote and in person learning, she is able to make the transition seamless. She always has the wellbeing of the students, parents and teachers in the forefront. She is able to move quickly through the multitude of State Covid 19 protocols necessary for the day to day operation of the school. She is always doing little things to encourage both the students and teachers to do their best each and every day and to live each day at school and at home in their Catholic faith. She encourages kindness to one another always.

    Nominee’s Name: Brenda Berard
    School Name: Bishop Connolly High School
    Nominated By: Isaiah Poydras

    Mrs. Berard is nice to her students and explains material well enough to gain understanding of the subject. She keeps things intersting and make students feel she cares about them. For example, she gives free homework passes if it’s your birthday. I feel she deserves some recognition.

    Nominee’s Name: Mary Offiler
    School Name: St. John Paul II High School & St. Francis Xavier Preparatory
    Nominated By: Jeannie Hagopian

    I recently spent the day with Mrs. Offiler and heard her story of working at SFXP. She’s been serving the school since the very beginning (she was serving coffee to first group of people who interviewed to be headmaster) and manages the office with such care! For 23 years, she’s served tirelessly. Her attitude is humble and cheerful as she takes care of so many needs during the day, answering the door and phone calls and a myriad of other things. She her tone is kind and understanding as she speaks on the phone with parents, community members and staff. One student thought they left their lunch on a bus, and she quickly spent time trying to track down the lunch. I can’t imagine the thousands of mundane moments like that in her long history at SFXP and her quiet service to many.

    Nominee’s Name: Kelly Raulino
    School Name: Holy Family-Holy Name
    Nominated By: Melanie Boswell

    Ms. Kelly has taught both of my children in the preschool 3 program at Holy Family Holy Name School. It is so hard as a parent to leave your child in a school setting for the first time. Ms. Kelly has really helped my children to learn not only their basic letters and numbers but taught them how to be great kind children. I feel blessed to have been able to have my children in her class and I look forward to my youngest to be in that class!

    Nominee’s Name: Maurice Ouellette
    School Name: Bishop Stang High School
    Nominated By: Francisco Manon

    He is a big influence in our school community, if you don’t have him as a teacher you still know a lot about him. He is very involved in our school theatre and is a great role model to many kids in the school. He is someone who is always open to helping whoever comes knocking at his door.

    Nominee’s Name: Joann DaRosa
    School Name: Holy Trinity
    Nominated By: Christina Flores

    Mrs DaRosa deserves this award. She is very caring and supportive to the the kids. She is very responsive to any questions or concerns I have and goes the extra mile. She has a kind heart and my sons enjoys being in her class. She has a cool, calm approach with the kids that make it easy for them to learn.

    Nominee’s Name: Krystie Medeiros
    School Name: St. Joseph
    Nominated By: Nellie Oliveira

    Mrs. Medeiros is such an amazing teacher/vice principal. My son had her for his 3rd great last year (she is now the vice principal). She would go above and beyond everyday and truly cares. She deserves to be a acknowledged for all her hard work!

    Nominee’s Name: Mrs. Adelle Monticello
    School Name: St. Joseph
    Nominated By: Darlene Goll

    Mrs. Monticello goes above and beyond for all of her students every day. She stays after school every week if a student needs extra help. She is so kind and generous. She is a very special lady! Saint Joseph School is lucky to have her!

    Nominee’s Name: Americo Miranda
    School Name: Espirito Santo
    Nominated By: Diana Brum

    Mr. Miranda has been an extraordinary teacher for my son. He has gone above and beyond to help his students succeed and enjoy school in person and remotely. He addresses any child’s concerns and seeks to help them anyway to succeed in school. I am beyond grateful for all he has done for my son. I can’t thank him enough.

    Nominee’s Name: Kathryn Paul
    School Name: Holy Trinity
    Nominated By: Tammy Jo Borden

    Mrs. Paul always teaches above and beyond the scope of duty. She has worked diligently with all children to help each student reach their full potential. She has worked one on one with my daughter in 2020 to ensure she understood all the material.

    She spends her off time creating things at home for her students and helping other staff. She is honest and sincere when teaching about God’s love and she never gives up on anything. It is apparent how much she loves teaching and my daughter thrived even through the pandemic. No matter what life brings Mrs. Paul, she digs in and faces every challenge as an opportunity to grow and to teach compassion, empathy and faith. She deserves to be acknowledged for her hard work and dedication.

    Nominee’s Name: Lisa Manning
    School Name: Holy Trinity
    Nominated By: Erica Borden

    Because if I need to talk to her, she is there for me and she is kind and nice and amazing, sweet. She wants to help everybody.

    Nominee’s Name: Catherine Day
    School Name: St. Joseph
    Nominated By: Candace Hardy

    She is an excellent teacher. Very caring and kind. When I had some concerns regarding my daughter she kept me posted and cared. My daughter loves the projects she does. The thoughtful activities she provides for free play are great.

    Nominee’s Name: Patrick Rosedale
    School Name: St. John the Evangelist
    Nominated By: Emily Thomas

    I nominated Mr.Rosendale because he is a very fun teacher. He makes history seem fun. He also does lots of stuff to make sure we know and understand the topic.

    Nominee’s Name: Joann DaRosa
    School Name: Holy Trinity
    Nominated By: Alberta DaRosa

    Mrs. DaRosa always has her student’s best interests on her mind. She is always learning and looking for ways to instill faith, love and learning into their daily activities. Being a second grade teacher, she has to prepare her students for their First Holy Communion and she does so with sincere love and honor. She will go somewhere and see something and say, that might be a great learning project for my “children.”

    Nominee’s Name: Susan Pacheco
    School Name: Holy Trinity
    Nominated By: Jessica Jacob

    Our family would like to nominate Mrs. Pacheco for her dedication to our son who has very severe food allergies. She is in constant communication with me to ensure his safety and she always goes the extra mile to help us make sure all of his needs are met at school. She is truly a blessing.

    Nominee’s Name: Michelle Klein
    School Name: St. Michael
    Nominated By: Linda Borges

    Michelle started at sms as our pre school teacher and after a few years of teaching and doing incredible things to help kids learn their letters and sounds and everything needed to begin pk4 she was then given two weeks to become a kindergarten teacher and step up a class and lesson plans and curriculum for an entire new grade. She stressed but always pushing herself to be the best she can be, even with all the covid restrictions and changes she was given a class of 22 students and made it all work! Some students couldn’t write their names or knew the letter sounds and today they can write sentences and read even those students who where on the lower end of knowing only 4 letters in the entire alphabet now know all their letters and sounds even sight words. She is a loving and caring teacher she goes above and beyond what is asked of her. I would say she challenges herself and her students to reach higher goals and be better students with never giving up and caring for each other. I wish my kids where able to have Mrs Klein as a teacher!!!

    Nominee’s Name: Kimberly Terceiro
    School Name: Holy Family-Holy Name
    Nominated By: Eileen Frasier

    Mrs. Tercerio is in her first year teaching at Holy Family Holy Name and has been so wonderful to get to know throughout these past few months. She is the 3rd grade teacher and my son is in her class. He has been having a difficult time adjusting to all the changes this school year and she has been so wonderful. She is reassuring and FLEXIBLE. She has been so supportive of us as we try to help our son continue to learn and stay connected with his classmates as he does the virtual learning. She is such a blessing to us and we are so happy to have her as part of our Holy Family Holy Name School family.

    Nominee’s Name: Sean Houlihan
    School Name: St. Mary, Mansfield
    Nominated By: Betsy Nazar

    As a middle school teacher Mr Houlihan prepares his students for high school. His challenging assignments develop student’s critical thinking skills.Through his creative teaching methods students learn teamwork in Socratic Circles and develop public speaking skills during debates on current topics. His enthusiasm for learning is contagious and his dedication to teaching deserves commendation. We are fortunate to have Mr Houlihan at St. Mary’s in Mansfield.

    Nominee’s Name: Stacy Gillard
    School Name: Holy Family-Holy Name
    Nominated By: Eileen Frasier

    Ms. Gillard is one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated teachers I have ever met! She brings so much excitement and energy to each and every lesson she teaches. Ms. Gillard is always encouraging her students and rewarding their good behavior with pizza/ice cream parties, pj days, or movie afternoons. When school switched to virtual learning last March she did not miss a beat with complete daily lesson plans and fun activities for the classroom google meetings. My daughter was lucky enough to have her for a teacher last year and again this year. She is a true gem and we are so lucky to have her at Holy Family Holy Name.

    Nominee’s Name: Susan Fortin
    School Name: St. John the Evangelist
    Nominated By: Marcia Correia-Thomas

    I am nominating Mrs. Susan Fortin because she goes above and beyond every year for the students of Saint John the Evangelist. She shares her love of music and the arts with the children. She works extremely hard in providing the students with opportunities to develop their music and theater talents. Not only does she teach music she runs the bell choir after school along with the teather. Every year she plans , organizers and runs the Christmas concert, talent show, and school play. She is the reason that my daughter loves music and loves to play piano. She is the reason that many children have found their happy place in saint John school. She is a loving and caring teacher and is dedicated to all her students. Even during the pandemic she did a fabulous job of having the kids do a Christmas concert in a different way to ensure the health and safety of the children. We are blessed to have her as the music teacher at Saint John the Evangelist.

    Nominee’s Name: Stacey Sarto
    School Name: St. Mary-Sacred Heart
    Nominated By: Kelly Giallella

    Miss Sarto is a first year teacher starting her career during a pandemic and you would never have thought that was the case. She is a caring, sweet, patient, understanding and creative teacher. She is extremely organized, prepared and transparent which helps give her students a sense of security in an insecure time. Her goal is to make sure her students are learning as well as having fun in 2nd grade. She is open and honest with them as well as the parents. She deserves so much love and recognition for all that she has done. I am so proud to nominate Miss Sarto.

    Nominee’s Name: Tyler Clark
    School Name: St. Stanislaus
    Nominated By: Derek DeSousa

    Mr. Clark has been a valuable member of the St. Stanislaus community. The pandemic requires agility and resilience and he continues to exceed my expectations as a parent. He works hard to deliver and engage with students both in-person and virtually. His empathy to the situation families is by far the most I have witnessed. He continues to work to make it easier for families who are juggling many new responsibilities. This often comes as greater work and complication for him. By communicating frequently, he allows parents to help support their children. My daughter continues to share how much she enjoys his approach and delivery even despite being remote. He deserves this recognition for all that he has done for our children.

    Nominee’s Name: Mona Lisa Valentino
    School Name: St. John Paul II High School & St. Francis Xavier Preparatory
    Nominated By: jp Sweezey

    Having to fill Mr. Keavey’s shoes would be tough for anyone.!! Ms Val has been given the helm of our ship and steered it through massive icebergs.! She is smart, strict, tolerant, openminded , yet steadfast in her commitment to uphold true Catholic Christian beliefs.! I have spoken to many teachers, guidance people, and principals over my 3 children’s 25yrs. in various schools here and on the South Shore. I’ve been impressed by a few, and disappointed by some. None have shined as brightly as Ms. Valentino.!!! Her leadership has been one of the first points in my recommendation to others if asked why we chose St. John Paul II High School.!!

    Nominee’s Name: Kristyn Johnson
    School Name: Holy Trinity
    Nominated By: Kristin Sousa

    She makes Social Studies fun and interesting, according to my sons, and she has instilled a love of history in my oldest. She also has empathy for her students. You can see the love in her eyes when she is speaking to any of them.

    Nominee’s Name: Dan Dias
    School Name: Bishop Stang High School
    Nominated By: Jeff Gardner

    Dan Dias is a guidance counselor at Bishop Stang, as well as the freshman football coach. He has been our son’s guidance counselor for the past two years and has gone above and beyond any job description to show a sincere concern and interest in our son’s well being, both academically and athletically, as well as his activities outside of school. It takes a special person to pursue this career and caring for young adults can be demanding and incredibly time consuming, Mr. Dias has shown again and again how much he truly cares about these students and is tireless in making sure they know he always is in their corner. I am sure Mr. Dias would humbly deflect a lot of praise but we, as well as many families at Bishop Stand, are blessed to have him involved in our son’s and daughters lives.

    Nominee’s Name: Elizabeth Kelly
    School Name: St. Francis Xavier Prep
    Nominated By: Margaret Hagopian

    Mrs. Kelly is an amazing teacher, she always has a smile on her face. She cares about every person in the school and is so kind and caring to every student. Thank you so much mrs. Kelly for you hard work for SFXP!

    Nominee’s Name: Mary Turner
    School Name: Our Lady of Lourdes
    Nominated By: Colleen Ferris

    Mrs. Turner has faced non stop challenges since taking over as principal 3 years ago. Despite this the school and the children have continued to flourish. With not only the complication of Covid this year but also the addition of grades 5-8 Mrs. Turner and her staff have outdone themselves in making a safe and comfortable place for children to learn and grow. Mrs. Turner’s personal attention to all aspects of the school from drop off to individualized meetings and parent notifications has allowed parents to stay informed and confident about their children’s education and safety.

    Nominee’s Name: Brenda Gagnon
    School Name: Holy Trinity
    Nominated By: Rebecca Dansereau

    We would like to nominate Brenda Gagnon, Principal of Holy Trinity School in Fall River. She is amazing with not only the students but with the parents and teachers. The protocols she has in place, to keep the entire school and families safe, is impressive! You can not only see by her actions but you can feel her dedication and love for God, the students, and the community. She is a beautiful example of God’s love. We share with everyone we know how much we love Holy Trinity because of Mrs. Gagnon and her true commitment to the school.

    Nominee’s Name: Christopher Keavy
    School Name: St. John Paul II High School & St. Francis Xavier Preparatory
    Nominated By: Richard Fish

    Without Chris Keavy, we quite literally might not be here today at our schools. He was instrumental in the founding of our high school, and assumed the very challenging duties of uniting our two (formerly three) schools during many difficult years. He does this because he has a faithful, informed, and thoughtful vision that is quite rare these days. He puts his well-informed educational philosophy to good use, so his decisions are never arbitrary. He is a wise leader who has a vision that I am proud to follow. More than this, he works to be a humble Christian, every day.

    Nominee’s Name: Julie Carreiro
    School Name: Espirito Santo
    Nominated By: Jessica Williams

    Mrs. C never does any less than “above and beyond”. My son was in her Pre-school class last year. It was his first experience being away from me, and he used to cry each morning when I dropped him off. She was always there to wipe his tears. When schools closed last year due to COVID, she would upload videos of herself to Youtube so that her students could still hear her reading to them. She is kind, thoughtful, and truly the epitome of the school’s motto, learning in a “caring, Christian environment”.

    Nominee’s Name: Stacy Gillard
    School Name: Holy Family-Holy Name
    Nominated By: Christine Stewart-Melo

    Ms. Gillard joined the Holy Family Holy Name Schoollast year. My daughter has had the pleasure of having her the past two years as she moved up to the second grade. Ms. Gillard is passionate about her work. She is full of energy and helps the children to learn and excel. She takes the strength of each child and helps them to grow. She is creative and thinks out of the box. Ms. Gillard is number one and deserves recognition for her outstanding work!

    Nominee’s Name: Suzanne Lafevre
    School Name: Holy Name School
    Nominated By: Cheryl Robinson

    Suzanne has worked for Holy Name school for over 32 years. She is always willing to help anyone who wants her to. She is an excellent teacher. The children respect her and love her. Suzanne will volunteer her services for any jobs that need to be done.

    She has a good relationship with all parents and is the biggest advocate for catholic education and Holy Name school. Suzanne was my adviser when I first started working at Holy Name School and I learned so much from her. Please consider picking Suzanne because she is a loving devoted teacher with a very strong faith in the catholic community.

    Nominee’s Name: Deacon Peter Schutzler
    School Name: Holy Family-Holy Name
    Nominated By: Suzy Nunes-Bilhete

    Deacon Peter has been a shining beacon of light since entering our school this past summer. He leads our students, faculty and staff with integrity, knowledge and above all, faith. Deacon Peter came into our school with a fresh prospective and transparency in everything he does. His support for his staff and students in not only our professional lives but also personal lives is beyond anything some of us have ever experienced. His background as a therapist really helps him to understand each person he comes across. The students of HFHN love to joke with him and appreciate his quick wit and Coast Guard puns. During this world wide pandemic there is no one else I can imagine leading our school through the madness. We all appreciate Deacon Peter’s dedication to Holy Family-Holy Name School and look forward to many more years under his leadership.

    Nominee’s Name: Brenda Gagnon
    School Name: Holy Trinity
    Nominated By: Rebecca Pereira

    Mrs. Gagnon is the principal at Holy Trinity School. She has gone above and beyond to make this school year successful and maintain some sense of normalcy. She has been transparent about COVID in the school and has followed protocols set forth by the state. She fought timely to receive funding in order to install sinks in the classrooms of younger children, as well as have supplies for disinfecting and sanitizing. My daughter has been attending in person since the start of the school year. However, many students are attending virtually every day, and there is always the option to either take your child out of in person learning, or send them back to school from virtual learning.. As a registered nurse in critical care, knowing my daughter is learning in an environment that is so positive is a huge relief in an otherwise stressful time. The few days she has had to do remote learning, it is clear the teachers have been prepared well for what to expect. Mrs. Gagnon has also coordinated with the priest to hold virtual masses for the children on Holy Days. I am thankful my daughter is able to learn alongside her friends in a school that I feel is clean and safe for our children at this time. We are blessed to have her because she truly does care about the children and all our families at this time!

    Nominee’s Name: Wendy Langilear
    School Name: St. John the Evangelist
    Nominated By: Dominica Ribeiro

    I want to nominate Mrs. Wendy Langelier. Mrs. Langelier entered the St. John’s family as a parent, and over the past two years, she has remained a part of the family but as part of our fantastic facility. Mrs. Langelier not only loves St. John’s the Evangelist school, but she loves each one of the students as well as her peers at the school. Every day our children are blessed to see Mrs. Langelier’s smiling face and feel her positive attitude. The safety and comfort of the children is Mrs. Langelier’s top priority. Mrs. Langelier’s dedication to the school administration, the church, her peers, and the children is like no other. Mrs. Langelier’s level of emotional intelligence is what I would refer to as a genius. She can sense if a child is having an off day, if a parent feels frustrated, or if someone just needs a smile to lift their day. Mrs. Langelier is such a vital part of the St. John’s community and is dedicated to making our school the very best it can be!

    Nominee’s Name: Laurie Bentley
    School Name: St. Francis Xavier
    Nominated By: Michelle Teixeira

    Mrs. Bentley has been outstanding in her ability to transition between in person and remote for our students. My son has had to make that transition a few times this year due to COVID-19. Mrs Bentley has gone above and beyond to ensure they have all the tools needed for success whether they are in class or remote.

    Thank YOU Mrs Bentley for always showing your positive attitude and smiling ensuring our children that we CAN overcome obstacles by working together.

  • View the January 2021 Nominees

    Congratulations to Cristina Viveiros-Serra from St. James St. John School! She is our January winner of an AMEX $100 Gift Card!

    Thank you for our January nominees!

    Nominee’s Name: Charlotte Lourenco
    School Name: St. Mary-Sacred Heart
    Nominated By: Father Rodney Thibault

    Charlotte has done an amazing job. When we were in lockdown Charlotte roused our troops each and every morning at 9am for prayer and to begin the school day. She has gone above and beyond and should be recognized for her dedication and devotion.

    Nominee’s Name: Katelyn Larrivee-MacDonald
    School Name: Espirito Santo
    Nominated By: Kendra Neto

    I am nominating Ms. Katelyn because during the Pandemic she has been vital to my son’s success. Wether it is in person learning or virtual learning, she has gone above and beyond for my family. During the first round of the pandemic I moved out of my home due to being a Registered Nurse on a Covid unit. Ms. Katelyn would google meet with my son multiple times a week via google meet, many times one on one during her personal time outside of work, to ensure his success in the subject he struggles the most in (ELA). She was there when I could not be. I truly feel blessed during such difficult times to have her guiding my child’s education. Ms. Katelyn would email me weekly to update me on his progress. Despite virtual learning and having an IEP, I know in her hands my son will be successful.

    It is now the second wave of Covid and I am working in an Emergency Room filled to the brim with Covid positive patients. I assure you I thank God every day knowing I have Ms. Katelyn in my son’s corner again. I just want her to know how appreciative I am to have a teacher like her in our lives. When they say it takes a village to raise a child, I truly felt that with that staff at Espirito Santo School!

    Nominee’s Name: Paula Bedard
    School Name: St. John the Evangelist
    Nominated By: Nicole & Tim Fennell

    We nominate Mrs. Paula Bedard. She is our triplet 1st graders teacher. She goes above and beyond each and everyday to teach our children and help support them in their learning. She has amazing patience, creativity and desire to see all children excel. It has not been uncommon during the past year for Mrs. Bedard to go door to door dropping of needed supplies to her students. We are very thankful our kids have Mrs. Bedard as their teacher.

    Nominee’s Name: Cristina Viveiros-Serra
    School Name: St. James-St. John
    Nominated By: Katie Sousa

    My son transferred in to the fourth grade after the beginning of this school year. He was nervous, as he’d been at his previous school since the age of three. Cristina and the SJSJ community welcomed him with open arms, and since then have made sure that he felt like a member of the family. In addition to that, my husband passed away shortly before Christmas, and Cristina has gone above and beyond to make sure we know everyone at SJSJ, including herself specifically, will be here for me and my boys as we navigate this whole ordeal. She has quite literally wrapped her arms around us in support in order to help us get through. I couldn’t imagine sending my children anywhere else, or putting them in anyone else’s care during this devastating stage of our lives. On top of all that, during these times of COVID-19, Cristina has made sure that all of her students are happy, safe, and that parents continue to be comfortable sending their children into the SJSJ school environment. Her level of communication is miles above normal expectations. We couldn’t ask for a better, more capable principal to lead our school. We are so thankful for Mrs. Serra.

    Nominee’s Name: Cristina Viveiros-Serra
    School Name: St. James-St. John
    Nominated By: Patricia Matos

    St. James St. John School is a great school because of their leader, Mrs. Viveiros-Serra. She is what makes the school special. Mrs. Viveiros-Serra is involved with all the children, families, and community. She takes the time to know every child by name, and even their family. She understands what each child needs to in order to excel in learning. Regardless of what time or day, Mrs. Viveiros-Serra will always respond to my questions. She truly cares about everyone, and those are the characteristics displayed and taught at an early age to all the children at SJSJS. Mrs. Viveiros-Serra is always there to help any student, family, faculty member, and community with their needs. SJSJS will always help other families when they are in great need of support, love, and financial assistance.

    Nominee’s Name: Robert LeBoeuf
    School Name: St. John the Evangelist
    Nominated By: Natasha Boyd

    I am of the opinion that all teachers should be regarded as we do medical practitioners and professional athletes- and be paid to commensurate this value. My 8th grader has had many math teachers during her academic career and Mr. LeBoeuf, in my opinion displays the essential qualities of a math teacher. I regard him highly. He challenges and engages his students and works through the process with them to ensure they understand. He works to make the subject interesting and he generally cares about their success. He isn’t too proud to show his vulnerabilities when technology challenges arise and welcomes student assistance. For these reasons I would like to nominate Mr. Robert LeBoeuf.

    Nominee’s Name: Anna Manny
    School Name: St. James-St. John
    Nominated By: Shaanon Cabral

    Our school nurse has gone beyond to make sure teachers and children are safe . She is constantly a beacon of knowledge in reference to keeping us up to date on all of new cdc guidelines . We are blessed to have her protect our school.

    Nominee’s Name: Jamie Lynn Kelly
    School Name: St. James-St. John
    Nominated By: Julie Vareika

    I would like to nominate Mrs. Jamie Lynn Kelly as a person who strives to make our school the best. Mrs. Kelly has three children that attend our school. Even with her busy schedule, she always finds the time to volunteer. Jamie has volunteered to help out at our book fairs, fun days, bake sales, field trips and she is a member of our PTO.

    Jamie has been my room mom for 4 years. She is organized, responsible and dependable. During the pandemic, she continuously checked in on the staff to make sure they had everything they needed, including emotional support.
    I wholeheartedly recommend that Mrs. Kelly receive recognition for helping to make our school the best it can be.

    Nominee’s Name: Paula Bedard
    School Name: St. John the Evangelist
    Nominated By: Maya Greige

    Although I didn’t get to have Mrs.Bedard as a teacher, she is a good teacher who cares about her school and most importantly, she cares about all students.

    Nominee’s Name: Kelly Boulay
    School Name: St. John the Evangelist
    Nominated By: Dorota Esteves

    All of the school stuff are great. I would like to nominate Mrs Boulay with all categories you may have!!! She is amazing person with great and colorful personality. Way how she approaches students is very unique and individual. As an parent I can’t wish more especially for youngest ones sje students. Her constantly positivity helps a lot to build strong confidence and knowledge!

    Nominee’s Name: Charlotte Lourenco
    School Name: St. Mary-Sacred Heart
    Nominated By: Father Jack Schrader

    During school shutdown she gathered the school each morning at 9am for morning prayer and announcements. It began our day with grace and normalcy in very challenging times.

    Nominee’s Name: Paula Bedard
    School Name: St. John the Evangelist
    Nominated By: Karen Newman

    I have been fortunate to have worked with Paula for over 20 years. I observed Paula teach, assist, comfort, cajole and help hundreds of students, parents and colleagues, in so many ways. As the first grade teacher, she tirelessly got each first grader to achieve and learn to their highest potential, in every subject, every school day. If students did not have a morning snack or lunch, she supplied it. I know that many times over the years when families were struggling financially, she reached into her own pocket to help.

    With co-workers, she was also exceedingly generous. If we were short-staffed at recess or lunch, Paula was always the first to volunteer. If another teacher needed supplemental material, classroom coverage or advice, Paula was the first to help.
    Over many years, when there was an emergency or problem of any kind, Paula’s quick thinking saved the day. When the entire bottom floor of the school flooded and school was canceled, she put on her boots and helped the janitor mop up so that school could continue the next day.

    No one deserves to be recognized more than Paula Bedard.