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St. James – St. John: To Learn. To Grow. To Lead

Welcome to St James-St John School (SJSJ).  We are a preschool through eighth grade elementary school with a current student population of 230.  Our hopes for this school are of educating in the spirit of Christ through the expectations of excellence as a Catholic school governed by the pastors with the help of the principal and overseen by our parents.  In early 2012 we were accredited by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges).

SJSJ’s existence and purpose is to communicate the teaching of God’s message, to encourage daily prayer, and to develop the academic and spiritual growth of each child. We strive to provide a school climate which is cognizant of the needs of children to be successful.

We set forth the challenge to develop in each child an awareness of God, an identity of self-worth, and the concern for the needs of others.  We, as a family, strive to teach as Jesus did… with love and compassion for one another.  The SJSJ family strives to live as a Christian Community.  This involves the growth and development of each person concerned: the faculty, the student, and his/her family.

This growth and development, while rooted in our duty to Jesus and our Catholic Faith, is dedicated to enabling our students to become adept scholars of Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.  SJSJ, filled with God’s unconditional love, educates young persons to take responsibility for their lives. Students learn to contribute their creative skills and critical thinking to the lifelong process of personal growth to develop a loving, caring community.

SJSJ enrolls students from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds – a rich cultural mix to generate strong self-esteem, broaden relational skills, instill a spirit of justice, and nurture compassion for others in need.   The school nurtures these qualities in the students through a strong network of peers, teachers, administrators, parents, family, and community members.  SJSJ encourages and stimulates students to become people strong of body, keen of mind, and pure of heart seeking to love and serve God by loving and serving their neighbors

As a faculty, it is our spiritual mission to guide our students to want to know and love God deeply.  We want them to be witnesses to our faith by willingly living by the Gospel.  In this way, they will venture into society armed with compassion, hope for the future, and respect for the unique dignity of every individual.

The mission of SJSJ is to provide a safe, Catholic educational environment rooted in Gospel values.  Our students achieve their full potential both academically and spiritually through shared learning experiences in social justice, morality, and faith.  St. James-St. John School promotes mutual respect, positive self-esteem, and individual responsibility.

We look upon the future of SJSJ with great pride. We are very proud of our dedicated teachers, parents, parishes, pastors and students that make SJSJ a wonderful Catholic School.  As I begin my eleventh year as principal, I pray each day for all our teachers, students, and families.  I am excited to serve in this parish school.  This summer we have been very busy cleaning, painting and preparing the classrooms for change.  I am pleased to announce that this summer we replaced the tiles in our middle school classrooms and purchased new computers for all of our teachers.  This was possible with the assistance from both of our parishes Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lady of Guadalupe at St James.

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