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St. Pius X – Small School, Big Family

To Learn. To Grow. To Lead. These are the words emblazoned over the entrance of St. Pius X School (SPXS). Whereupon entering, one instantaneously is wrapped in warmth and a spirit that something good is taking place here. One feels safe, protected, cared for, and blessed. A sense of community seems to emanate from the very walls within which our 225 students thrive every day. A Pre-K – Gr. 8 School, SPXS fosters a spiritual, safe, supportive, and rigorously challenging community where both staff and students teach and apply empathy each day.

The socio and economically diverse student population cultivates compassion and nurtures a unique learning environment where all are accepted for who they are and what they have to offer. Our families come from across the globe. Family members are CEO’s of major companies and CEO’s of the home, some own small businesses, others are skilled craftsman, lawyers, doctors, bankers, police officers, and firefighters.

Classes at our school begin at 7:45AM and end at 2:15PM, but it is what happens in both between these hours, and after, that is truly impressive. The students walk through glistening hallways, organized classrooms, and specialists’ areas where they are given the opportunity to partake in art, technology, library, physical education, music, and Spanish. Students from fourth grade on participate in band, and those from second grade on can partake in chorus and drama.

The afterschool extracurricular activities are as vibrant as the core curriculum that takes place during the day. Everyone finds something that they excel at. Students can choose activities as diverse as Lego Club, Mini Ninjas, Art, Drama, Chorus, and Therapy Dogs. Students have had the opportunity to participate and to shine in afterschool sports such as basketball, soccer, cross-country, golf, tennis, softball, Lower School lacrosse, flag football, and t-ball. The smaller team size provides ample opportunities for the players to get out on the court or field, play the game, learn sportsmanship, and hone their skills.

The community spirit extends through all areas of SPXS. Middle School students are paired with Lower School students as buddies and mentors. An aspect of our school that is unique in the diocese is our Middle School House System. This system has been implemented based on values of four saints – each one boasting its own mission and purpose. The overall mission is to create a community where the students work together and support each other as they grow in their Catholic faith. Each house guides and supports the academic, spiritual, social, and personal development of every Middle School student during his or her time at SPXS.

Students are encouraged to not only build community within the new infrastructure of SPXS, but also to provide outreach to the larger community. Middle School students give over 1800 hours of service throughout the course of the year at SPXS. They participate in field trips that build life skills and trips that encourage the students to explore a myriad of worldly opportunities.

At SPXS the staff is dedicated in whole child development where faith is integrated throughout the whole day.  Students practice their faith not only within their communities, but also on a global scale.

This fall SPXS undertakes a new endeavor, as we implement Responsive Classroom into all classes from PreKindergarten through Grade Eight. With sincere thanks to the Carney Family Foundation for a generous grant, we began our school year implementing strategies from Responsive Classroom that will allow students to fully access the academic, social, and extracurricular offerings available for all our learners.

SPXS also undertakes a new service endeavor these first days of school. Providing service, a core value of our mission, began on day one, as we initiated assistance to a sister school in Texas. The community at SPXS has reached out to St. Pius X School, a high school in Houston. In addition to offering prayers, we have asked how we can best support and assist with student needs when school reopens. The school administration was incredibly touched by our offer. We will extend help as needed, with our Middle School houses overseeing this service project.

At SPXS students Learn from life’s experiences.  Our students realize that it is the grace of God that provides us with the strength we need to Grow in benevolence. Through this wisdom our students are prepared to Lead others through life’s awesome journey.



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