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Community Feature: David Correia

Meet the June Community Member Mr. David Correia!


Principal Pam Leary interviewed Mr. Correia about his work at the school.


When asked about himself, Dave proudly answers, “I’m a grandfather. I’m a veteran and I’m a retired Fall River Police Officer.” He enjoys rides on his motorcycle. First and foremost, Dave helps whomever he’s sees in need. His elderly neighbor count on his help fixing things around her house. Dave will do anything for anybody.


Dave describes Saint Michael School as a family oriented and welcoming school. He notes that the students at SMS are polite and well mannered.


Dave is the grandfather of third grader, Keith, who means the world to him. When Keith began attending Saint Michael School, it didn’t take long for Dave to jump in to help. When he sees a need, he helps. It is in his nature and it is also in the oath that he took as a police officer, “to protect and serve.” Dave lives that oath every single day.


When asked what his favorite part of volunteering at Saint Michael School he answers immediately, the smiles on the students’ faces. They’ve noticed that there isn’t anything he can’t fix and often tell him how impressed they are. The students appreciate his willingness to help. His greatest rewards here are the satisfaction he has knowing he makes a difference in the lives of everyone at SMS. He also prides himself on the fact that he saves the school and the church money which helps to provide a better quality education to the students of SMS.


Dave feels Catholic schools offer families something that can’t be found in every school. That we provide the foundation and structure to “raise children right”. He said students at SMS are refined and know that they have a role in this world. He show each of them a great example of giving back to the community in his daily actions. He feels, Saint Michael School provides a friendly atmosphere, in which, all members try to help each other. He believes SMS teaches it students, at an early age, to help others and to work as a team. That they are not in this life for themselves.

From the Principal:

Dave Correia is the grandfather of one of our students and is present every single day to help in whatever way he can. He is a retired police officer and the safety of our students is always his priority. He walks the property everyday and makes sure the school area is clean and safe. He sees things no one else would and works to fix everything that isn’t just right. He makes sure gates are locked for recess and unlocked for pickup. Aside from safety, he is there for whatever we need and he is often checking to see what he can do. I can’t even list the building issues that he has fixed as the weeks go by. Dave is an angel to the Saint Michael School community and we are so thankful to have him as a part our family.

– Pam Leary

From the School Community:

Dave is an amazing guy! He is always ready to help, no matter what the job. He gives of himself every chance he can. I call him the school’s husband-always checks off the jobs on our honey do list.  If he can’t do the job, he will find someone who can.  He certainly is an example of charity and service to all at St. Michael School. Our students and faculty are better for knowing him. He is genuinely concerned for our safety, is always looking out for our students, and faculty. He checks the building each and every day and is ready to serve and protect at a moments notice!  Thank you Dave for all you do for SMS, we truly appreciate you! – Lisa Ouellette

Dave keeps our school safe. He’s very dependable and always there to lend a hand. – Linda DaPonte

Dave is a very giving person, quick to offer a helping hand. He’s amazing! On our Battleship field trip, he made history come to life with his narration throughout and real life knowledge. – Anna Aguiar

Whatever we need, Dave is always there. From maintenance to security to traffic control he’s there. The safety of our kids and faculty and staff is always his number one priority. – Ana Resendes

When I hear Dave I think safety. He’s always looking out for the better of the school. – Amy Madiera

Dave is always willing to help. When I was new, he made sure I knew he was here to help and helped make my room complete. He is reliable and if you need him, he is here. – Michelle Klein

Dave does a lot that is not expected of him. He opens the gates, cleans up, and many other things. He does whatever is needed without being asked and interacts well with everyone at SMS. – David Reis

Dave is very personable. He helps us feel safe with all his work around the school. – Cathy Vieira

Dave has a radiant personality and fixes anything I need fixed. – Samantha Antone

Dave is an invaluable asset to SMS. He is ever present and unfailingly helpful with any task needed. – Pamela Greene

Dave is always willing to step up to the plate. Anytime there is a maintenance need, he assists. When our custodian is out, he comes in and goes above and beyond to make the building cleaner than ever. – Sandra Thibault

Dave is always looking out for the welfare of the children and staff of the school. He’s very eager to help whenever we need something. – Sandy Matos

To learn more about St. Michael’s Catholic School visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

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