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On behalf of the Catholic School Office’s Leadership Team, I want to convey to each of you our deep appreciation for your support of Catholic schools during this 2017-2018 school year. You have been a vital partner in advancing the mission of Catholic school education.
Due to a variety of strategic partnerships, we were able to complete over $5 million in capital improvements, grant over $5 million in financial aid, implement over $2 million in academic improvement initiatives, initiate new special education programs in 4 schools, and provide counseling services to our students and families in all of our schools.

As our Catholic schools close out this school year, I want to acknowledge each of our partners and thank them for their strong support.

I want to first convey our gratitude to our parents for their confidence in our schools and for entrusting to our care their children. We are privileged to have the opportunity to educate your children of which – across 22 Catholic schools – there are 6315. Each of your children is such a blessing! Into them, we strive to instill faith, knowledge, and dedication to serving others. It is our hope that all of our Catholic school students achieve their God-given mission to be disciples of Christ Jesus.

I want to thank all of our Catholic school leaders. These leaders include the (1) Central Catholic School Board (completing its first year), (2) Local Catholic School Board Members, (3) Catholic school pastors, and (4) Catholic school administrators. I thank them for their witness to the Gospel and, also, their leadership, innovation, and commitment. We are so grateful for all that you do!

I want to offer our sincerest appreciation to the 585 Catholic school teachers. By their creativity, commitment to excellence, dedication, and love for children, we are so blessed! I have especially enjoyed observing how the innovation of our teachers has been spurred on by the Carney Family Charitable Foundation’s Solution Seed Fund.

I want to deeply thank our staff and many volunteers. Your efforts are critical to the successful daily operations of our Catholic schools.

Finally, to our schools’ many philanthropists, alumni, and benefactors I want to express our deepest appreciation. Through your generosity our schools strengthened their programs to better serve our mission and are inspired to dream of what they can do through your support in the future.

Best wishes to one and all for a restful and enjoyable summer!

All God’s Blessings,

Stephen Perla

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