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Central Catholic Schools Board

 Mission Statement

The Central Catholic Schools Board of the Diocese of Fall River supports and ensures effective implementation of the Catholic Schools Office’s (CSO) mission. The Board does this by adopting policies and supporting the CSO’s Team with advancing practices and plans for academic excellence, sustainable financial management, and human resources. Most importantly, the Board supports the CSO’s work to ensure that the Mission of Catholic School Education is effectively carried out throughout all schools of the Diocese. Thorough progress reviews and evaluations are essential responsibilities to ensure lasting success of our schools.

You can contact the current board chair by emailing csbchair@catholicsa.org.

You can meet the talented members of the Central Board for Catholic Schools here.

Learn about the board’s areas of focus below.

  • Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee leads the Board toward fulfilling the Mission of the Catholic Schools of the Fall River Diocese by guiding the focus of the Board committees, ensuring that appropriate school policies are developed, and ensuring qualified Board members are recruited and retained.

  • Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee will recommend to the Board the adoption of financial policies that ensure sound and consistent financial management of the CSO and Catholic Schools throughout the Diocese of Fall River. The Committee will review, recommend action to the full Board, and monitor the annual CSO and Diocesan Schools’ budgets. The Committee will also review and provide consultative advice regarding the parish schools’3-year financial plans.

  • Human Resources Committee

    The Human Resources Committee will recommend to the Board the approval of  human resource policies to strengthen the recruitment and retention of gifted and talented personnel. The Committee will review and recommend to the full Board policies inclusive of hiring, performance evaluations, and personnel   advancements.

  • Marketing and Enrollment Committee

    The Marketing and Enrollment Committee will recommend to the Board the approval of marketing and enrollment plans that promote and advance the mission of Catholic school education. The Committee will recommend to the Board the approval of enrollment initiatives that result in an increase in the number of students across the Diocese’s twenty Catholic schools as well as various strategic alliances, tuition policies (in collaboration with the Finance Committee).

  • Educational Standards Committee

    The Educational Standards Committee will recommend to the Board the approval of learning standards and educational models that result in enhancing the teaching and learning in all of the Diocese’s twenty-two Catholic schools and ensure academic consistency. The Committee will review and recommend to the full Board new instructional models such as Blended Learning, inclusion of Special Education services, and virtual learning.

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