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Our Lady of Fatima Celebration Continues


Our Lady of Fatima Prayer Chain

“You are now the new Franciscos, the new Jacintas and Lucias today in the Diocese of Fall River, Mary is asking us to do the same things: to pray the Rosary, repent, and avoid sin and evil, do Penance and sacrifice. One hundred years later, the world still needs these things.”

This was Bishop da Cunha’s message to the 2600 students who gathered last month for the 100th Anniversary Mass and celebration of the final apparition of Our Lady of Fatima. Bishop da Cunha’s message of hope and joyful witnessing of the Gospel inspired students to reflect on how they share their faith with others.  He echoed Mary’s request for us to pray daily and affirmed the transformative power of prayer.

Prayer is woven into each school day already, but we want to be intentional about continuing to pray for Our Lady of Fatima’s intercession. Therefore,  from November 8th through December 12th (the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe) one of the CSA schools will  pray the rosary and/or have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with their students each day. This extra time of prayer will allow them to reflect on the graces received through the Fatima celebration and unite all of our schools in prayer. The Catholic Schools Office will also pray the rosary each day for the school community that is praying that day.

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You can find out which school is praying for Our Lady of Fatima’s intercession each day on our calendar.






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