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Special Education

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Learning Differences in Catholic Education

Support Accommodations Provided:

The overall majority of our Catholic schools offer some level of academic support services or accommodations. We recommend reaching out to the school directly to discuss your child’s specific needs.

SchoolsOn Site Special
Education Teacher(s)
Offers Lexia Core5 Reading
for PreK-Grades 5
Specialized Services
YESN/ASchool Accommodation Plans, Tutoring, Executive Function, Organizational Support
YESYESDyslexia Screening, OG Teachers, Speech, Reading Support, Small Group Support, Executive Functioning, School Accommodation Plans
YESYESOG Teachers, Study Skills, Executive Function
YESYESOG Teacher, Reading Specialist, Speech, Classroom Teachers Assistants, Adjustment Counselor, Accommodation Plans, Reading and Math Early Screening, Tutoring
YESYESAdjustment Counselor, Classroom Aide Support, Dyslexia Screening, Executive Function, OG Teachers, Organizational Support, Reading Specialist, School Accommodation Plans, Tutoring
YESYESDyslexia Screening, Small Group Support, Executive Functioning, OG teachers, School Accommodation Plans
YESN/ASchool Accommodation Plans, Tutoring
YES (2X week)YESReading Support, School Accommodation Plans, Aide Support
YES---OG Teachers, School Accommodation Plans
YESYESReading Support, Math Support, Accommodation and Adaptation, OG Teachers, Aide Support
YES (1X week)---Reading Support, School Accommodation Plans, Aide Support, OG Teachers, Tutoring, Classroom Inclusion Support
YESYESReading Support, Aide Support, School Accommodation Plans, OG Teachers
YESN/ASchool Accommodation Plans, Tutoring Support, Classroom Inclusion Support
YES---Literacy Specialist, Wilson Reading Specialist, School Accommodation Plans, Tutoring, Aides in PreK- Gr. 2
N/AStudent Support Plans, Peer Tutoring, RTI (Response to Intervention) and the ARC (Academic Resources Center)
---Wilson Reading Specialist, Executive Functioning, Classroom Aide Support
NO---Resource Support, Small Group Instruction, Speech and Language, Wilson Reading, Literacy Support, School Accommodation Plans
YES---Resource Support, Small Group Instruction, Speech, Literacy Support
YES---MS - Writing Tutorial, ES - Reading Support, Aides Assist Small Group, One-on-One Support

The schools marked in RED are Certified Pathways Approach Program schools